Live college life to the fullest

College life is not just about academics, studying and doing homework. My favorite part of college life is participating in activities such as resume workshops, diversity retreats, cultural festivals and student organizations. Many of you may not be aware that FAU is home to over 100 student organizations. This plethora of organizations may suit various interests and hobbies, but also pertains to groups of people with similar ethnic backgrounds or political and religious beliefs.

After almost three years I have come to the conclusion that making the most of my college experience can only directly benefit me in the future. The additional skills that the academic environment offers us are just as rewarding and applicable to real life. A perfect way to master skills such as responsibility, group spirit, creativity and leadership is to get involved with one of the many student organizations. I am part of five different student organizations, and each benefits me in several ways. The four honor societies I am part of offer scholarship and travel opportunities not to mention networking possibilities. I have met interesting people that I hope to keep in contact with in the future. I am also the president of the Hellenic Students Association, a club that aims to promote the Greek culture and spirit. We participate in all kinds of fun festivals on campus that help to promote the large cultural diversity here at FAU.

Besides the benefit of teaming up with people that hold similar interests and hobbies, being part of a student organization also looks good on a resume. The FAU website clearly lists all of the organizations as well as contact information. Some may find that the existing organizations on campus do not quite suit their particular interests; forming a student association is not as difficult as it sounds, so go on and take the initiative.

College life has a lot to offer, but do not expect this information to come knocking on your door. Log on to the FAU website and look up student affairs, program board, calendar of events, and career development center opportunities. The majority of activities hosted on campus are free of charge to students so why not take advantage of what college life has to offer?