A hangout for all, but few have come

There is a lot more to the FAU neighborhood Grub and Brew than students may realize. After doing a bit of research on Wackadoos I found there is a philosophy behind its operation. It’s a quality driven, fast food, on campus venue for students, faculty and alumni. It seeks to offer affordable food, in line with a college student’s budget, as it operates on four college campuses in Florida, including FAU.

Wackadoos in my opinion has a lot of potential; the pool tables, and games, the super sized screen, the little stage, all offer themselves for fun days and nights. The food is pretty good too, and so are the prices. Yet it seems to me that not many students care to pay our little fast-food venue a visit. It may be that FAU is a commuter school, most of us can’t bother or don’t have the time to run over to the University Center area where Wackadoos is located.

So, we settle for the Breezeway cafeteria, spending most of our breaks in between classes looking for a table to sit at and enjoy our lunch during noon’s ‘rush hour’ as I have become accustomed to calling the improbability of ever finding a free table.

Then again, if students were aware of Wackadoos existence maybe they would pay it a visit more often. Frankly, if for some reason you have never made it to the University Center grounds, you really have no clue that Wackadoos is there. As a student that walks up and down the Breezeway each day, had I not lived on campus as a freshman, I too would not be aware that we do have an alternative eating and meeting point on campus. Students that live on campus, you all know that Wackadoos exists because it is right next to the University Center cafeteria where most of you dine.

With a little promotion, Wackadoos could attract a larger crowd; not just athletes or students living in the dorms, but commuter students as well. Simply visualize the prospective Wackadoos experience, a hip and fun on-campus venue where students and faculty come together eat, laugh and have a blast in our very own FAU neighborhood Grub and Brew.