FAU student abducted from local club, assaulted

An FAU woman was raped by four men Saturday, July 6, following a night of partying at the night club Radius. The woman, who does not wish to be identified, is a resident of the University Village Apartments of FAU. A source close to the victim says the victim blacked out and was raped after being taken from the club by the men. The source says the victim does not remember what exactly happened, but she remembers saying “no” to the assailants.

The victim was last aware of her circumstances while dancing at the club, but she does not remember the specific events that led to her rape.

Apparently the men saw that she was incoherent and took her from the club to an apartment where the assaults occurred. The woman specifically remembers saying “no” to the men, and she specifically remembers refusing consent to any sort of sexual activity.

The victim was assaulted physically and sexually multiple times during the evening. According to the source, the victim was unconscious at the time of the first rape, but regained consciousness during the subsequent rapes. The men raped the victim after repeated requests from her for them to stop.

Following the attacks, the men drove her back to the student apartments and dropped her off. The victim remembers the drive being very short, leading the investigation close to campus.

The victim reported the attack to the FAU police the following morning and the case was referred to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office where it is still being investigated. Detectives are still in the preliminary stages of the investigation and are interviewing witnesses. Paul Miller of the PBSO says that detectives are still working the case and that the victim will be interviewed again to see if she can remember additional information.

Radius has been the subject of local scrutiny in the last several months due to the number of violence and drug-related incidents occurring in and near its boundaries. This latest incident may increase police and community concern for the effect the club has on the community. Radius has faced increasing pressure from the community, as well as local law enforcement, to reduce crimes committed in or near the vicinity of the club. Radius could not be reached for comment.

Angie Gifford, of FAU’s victim advocacy group, helps victims of violent crimes gather the legal information they need to make informed decisions about what to do following their ordeals. Gifford says that she is available for any student or employee of FAU who has been the victim of a violent crime. Her primary role is to help victims gather information, but she also provides emotional support and acts as a liaison between victims and their professors or employers.

STATISTICS:(From the Department of Education)College crime statisticsYear 2000 forcible sex offenses

On campus: 1858(Residence halls: 1284)Non-campus: 448Public property: 1676Total: 3982