Run-down on Program Board’s Traffic Jam Party with director Lexi Rosario


Courtesy of Program Board

Emily Bloch

Courtesy of Program Board

Program Board Director Lexi Rosario hates traffic on campus — and she knows she’s not alone.

“Since we all hate [traffic] so much, we might as well poke some fun at it and turn it into something fun.” With that, the Program Board’s first annual Traffic Jam Party was born.

This Friday, Jan. 11, in the Grand Palm Room on the first floor of the Student Union, students are invited to kick off the spring semester from 10 p.m. until 1 a.m. “Basically, it’s a party where people dress up based on their relationship status, like a face-to-face Facebook, and get to have a good time,” Rosario said. Students will base their outfit choices off of traffic light colors. Those who are single should wear green, in a relationship — red, and unsure — yellow.

“You know that gray area where you’re not in a relationship, but the other person would get mad if you were to talk to or hook up with someone else?” stated Rosario. “Is the person that you’ve been thinking of going to get mad if you wear yellow, even though you aren’t in a relationship? If you laughed and said yes to any of this, you, my friend, are in the yellow zone.”

Despite being director of the Program Board, Rosario isn’t ready to put it all out there just yet. “My staff and I were joking around about this since we started planning this event. Since we’re adding meanings to colors, I’m sure people will probably read into any color that is worn,” she said. “Since that’s the case, I would say [I’ll be dressed in] clear because then I don’t have to decide on a color, but that would make me basically naked and that’s a really bad idea. I guess you’ll just have to see at the event.”

Another secret the Program Board is keeping is their future plans. The main cost that the Program Board has for the Traffic Jam party is decorations. “We decided to do it because it was an event that students would have a great time at and we could do it for a reasonable price so we could contribute more funds to bigger events like Freaker’s Ball, hint, hint.”

The Traffic Jam Party is free to all students with their OWL cards. “At the end, I just want to see students laughing and smiling and talking about how much of a good time they had. To me, that, and a great turnout, is a great event,” Rosario said. “I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out. I mean, maybe [unsure students] will change their status from unsure to sure by the end of the night.”

Program Board’s Traffic Jam Party is this Friday, Jan. 11, in the Grand Palm Room from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Admission is free to students with their OWL card.