Hearing set for men involved in off-campus drug deal last fall

Monica Ruiz

Thomas Fenech. Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

One man shot in the face, another in the back — with an AK-47 — a block away from FAU.

That was the scene of an off-campus drug deal gone awry last fall.

Now, the gunman and his two alleged accomplices will be in court on Oct. 9.

On Oct. 30, 2011, a shooting occurred a quarter mile east of FAU’s Boca campus, near N.W. Fourth Avenue and N.W. 19th Street. Two men were seriously injured after Thomas Fenech allegedly took an AK-47 and shot one man in the face and the other in the back, all because of counterfeit money.

According to the police report, that night, Andrew Hernandez, Thomas Doyle and John Addison met FAU student, Alexander Moreno, the middle man of the deal. Then they went to Fenech’s apartment.

Hernandez exchanged the $1,200 of counterfeit money for a quarter pound of marijuana (4 ounces).

FAU student Anthony Proios counted the money and realized it was fake. Then Fenech grabbed Proios’ AK-47, ran outside and fired 21 rounds at the car.

After the shooting subsided, FAU student Jared Tuck took the gun and they went and stayed at Tuck’s dorm in Indian River Towers for the night.

The next day, Tuck and Proios disassembled the gun and drove almost 40 miles north to Beeline Highway and threw the gun into a wooded area.

Currently, Thomas Fenech still has no bond on his charge of attempted second degree murder. Jared Tuck is currently free on bond, but faces charges related to his role in the shooting. Anthony Proios faces charges of second degree attempted murder and destroying evidence.

Currently no trial date is set.

The UP will continue to update this story as more develops.