Classes canceled on all FAU campuses Monday

Dylan Bouscher

FAU students can sleep in Monday, Aug. 27 now that classes are canceled thanks to tropical storm Isaac.

The announcement was made through FAU’s emergency text messaging system, which directed students to another announcement on the university’s home page for more information.

“I want to tell students to be safe, and stay off the road if possible, and make sure that they take this time to get all their homework done,” Student Body President Robert Huffman said.

Aside from announcing classes being canceled Monday, the message says they’re expected to resume Tuesday depending on the weather. It also explains that the residence halls on the Boca and Jupiter campuses will remain open for students. And it encourages “members of the university community” to keep following the home page or call the FAU hotline 1-888-8FAUOWL (832-8695).

The university’s Environmental Health and Safety department also offers a hurricane information page for storms such as Isaac. The page includes hurricane trackers, links to FAU’s emergency management policy, and its planning and response.

FAU’s Department of Housing and Residential Life website also features a hurricane brochure on its front page, which provides residents with recommendations for what to do before, during and after the storm. It advises residents to secure all loose objects, not tape the windows, keep curtains open, fill your gas tank (if you own a car), bring your bicycle into the building (if you own a bike), unplug electronic appliances except your refrigerator, and unplug any ethernet cords from your computer.

Housing’s hurricane brochure links to a Palm Beach Red Cross shelter for residents unwilling to stay in the dorms.

Although other schools in Palm Beach County are remaining open, according to the Palm Beach Post, the university’s Media Relations department could not be reached to explain why FAU canceled class.

The UP will continue to update this story as more develops.

Storm Do’s and Dont’s

Here are some more tips for residents from the Department of Housing:

– Do stock up on battery-powered lighting (flashlights)
– Do have extra batteries, water, food, and cash available
– Students are encouraged to leave campus and go home (or a friend or relative’s home)
– Plan in advance where you will stay, how you will get there, and supplies you will need to take with you. The University may provide transportation to and from Red Cross shelters, if needed.
– If special transportation arrangements need to be made, due to a physical disability, register with your RA. Some assistance can be arranged for transportation.

– Don’t use candles or other flame-type lighting under any circumstances, as fire is uncontrollable during a hurricane.–S2012.pdf