Where’s Ralphie?


Ralphie May is the only white comedian to perform on The Big Black Comedy Show with Mo’Nique, Rod Man and Sexy Mario. Photo courtesy of SP-PR.

Michelle Ferrand

Gen Santos was bummed when she found out her brother wasn’t joining her at the Homecoming Comedy Show– and when the headliner bailed as well, she was even more disappointed.“It was like a big round of nobody showing up,” said the sophomore biology major.

May was scheduled to perform at the Homecoming comedy show this past Wednesday night, Nov. 2, but at last minute had to cancel his appearance. According to his Twitter, May had developed a severe case of pneumonia and “it caused a blood clot to go into [his] lungs.”

While some students were bothered by this, others were more understanding.

“I was disappointed, but the guy is sick,” said Kay Fuller, a freshman pre-med student, who is also a fan of May’s. “There was nothing he could do about it.”

The Homecoming Committee put up flyers along the walls by the Box Office in the Student Union saying that May had canceled and Brandon T. Jackson was the new headliner. Jackson has appeared in movies such as Tropic Thunder and Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son.

Director of Homecoming, April Turner, said it was a group decision between Alicia Keating, Associate Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, and Carey Jones, the Student Union Chair.

“We all decided that [Jackson] would be a good replacement,” said Turner.

“I was so excited to see [Jackson],” said Sasha Therllong, a freshman and biomedical science major. “The fact that [Program Board] made it up with someone better made it okay.”

May is on his way to recovery, but his management tweeted that “it’s going to take time.”

And as Fuller put it, “Sometimes, shit happens.”