Students show their spirit at 13th annual Timucua Pageant

Mailyn Abreu

FAU brought the house down with music, dancing and competition at the 13th annual Timucua Pageant.

About 100 students showed up to the Nov. 2 pageant at Live Oak Pavilion. The event was put on by Housing and Residential Life, the Resident Student Association (RSA) and the Homecoming Committee. Nine participants came out and gave it their all in the pageants 4 categories: Decade wear, spirit wear, talent portion and evening wear

The pageant kicked off with decade wear and the participants modeled styles starting with the 1960’s. The contestants modeled extravagant clock chains, funky shades and even 70’s go-go boots. This section of the pageant showcased all the different styles FAU has experienced in its 50 years.

The next section was spirit wear, where contestants showed FAU pride as they modeled red and blue.

The talent portion followed and the students did everything from singing, rapping and playing the guitar to karate. The crowd went wild with each performance, and sang and danced to the songs they knew.

Evening wear was the last section, and the contestants were judged on elegance, eloquence and attire. The women and men wowed the crowd with their dresses and suits. During this, the contestants were asked what their favorite part about being a student at FAU.

Freshman contestant Jeannie Enright said “I love how FAU is so diverse, and that’s very important to me because I am very diverse myself.” Senior contestant Aaron Block got a wave of applause after he said “Plain and simple FAU is completely ‘OWLSOME!’ There is no school in the country, no, the world better than Florida Atlantic University.”

During intermissions, DJs played music and the crowd danced and sang as they waited for each section and the results. “This was one of the best pageants I’ve seen in my 6 years here, there was so much great talent!” said Jill Eckardt the Director of Housing. Before the awards the announcers gave special thanks to: Housing and Residential Life, Owl Radio, Student Union Staff, Owl TV, University Press, judges, contestants, all the Resident Assistants and Student Assistants of Housing and the Timucua Pageant Street Team.

The contestants all came on stage and they were presented with participation awards. Aaron Block won the Spirit Award. Mark Patton II was crowned Mr. Timucua and Jonteria Williams was crowned Ms. Timucua. “I feel great!” said Jonteria Williams “This was the first thing I’ve participated in as a freshman.” Mark Patton II said “Preparation was a lot of hassle but it all came together and I feel great.”

If you would like to know more about the other Homecoming events go to FAU’s website.