FAU College Democrats and Voices of Planned Parenthood to petition anti-abortion legislation

Regina Kaza

FAU College Democrats and Voices of Planned Parenthood (a.k.a. VOX) are teaming up to petition against state House Bill 277, which – if passed – will make having and performing abortions more difficult in Florida. Students can sign the petition on Nov. 16, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Free Speech Lawn.

If passed, HB277,written by state Representative Rachel Burgin (R-Riverview), would stop women from getting abortions after their seventh month of pregnancy. It would also require doctors to take three hours of ethics training to perform abortions.

Stephanie Rosendorf, FAUCD member and petition organizer, doesn’t believe the petition will make an impact, but remains optimistic. “I don’t think in reality the legislature is going to see this and say, ‘Oh okay, I’m going to change my mind now.’ I don’t think its going to change their minds. I’m hoping to get at least a good hundred. The more, the better.”

VOX Volunteer Coordinator Destiny DeJesus also hopes to get over a hundred signatures. “Hopefully we exceed our goal, but even if we don’t, our goal is to inform young people about what’s going on. Sometimes they don’t want to sign a petition but at least they’re informed, and that’s what’s important.”

VOX will be giving students Planned Parenthood information and free condoms. They’ll also be answering questions about the bill.

FAU Catholic Newman Club President Giovanni Denevier disagrees with petitioning the bill. “You’re removing the cause that prevents abortion, and that’s pretty much what a lot of Christian and Catholic groups are trying to prevent. We’re trying to prevent abortion and to show that life is a precious thing and it begins at conception.”

The signatures will be sent to Representative Rachel Burgin, who couldn’t be reached for immediate comment. The Riverview Republican co-sponsored a similar bill earlier this year, which died according to the Miami Herald.

“I just want [the state legislature] to know that students are not supporting this, and we know who they are and we still want to voice our opposition,” said Rosendorf.

Earlier this week, VOX members called Mississippi voters to try to convince them to vote against an amendment to their state constitution that would ban abortions. Voters rejected the amendment on Nov. 8, according to CNN.