Roll it up!

Carolina Fernandez

On Monday, Sept. 12, about 20 FAU students took a class that was out of the ordinary — sushi rolling.

The Department of Multicultural Programming organized a sushi rolling event at the Live Oak Pavilion on the Boca campus. The event was conducted by David De Souza, owner of Creative Cuisine Catering, and Gang Miao, owner and chef at Yokohama Sushi Restaurant in Boca Raton.

Miao stood at the front of the room behind a table with ingredients and supplies. He taught students the
basic steps of how to make a California and a salmon roll, while De Souza handed out ingredients.

“Sushi is getting more and more popular, which is good because it is so healthy,” said Miao.
Students not only learned how to make a healthy meal, but, in doing so, they also challenged themselves to try something new.

“It was a beautiful experience,” said Lakeisha Chandler, a junior Health Administration major, “It was a little hard to do, but everything else was great.”

Do it yourself: How to make a California roll
Sheet of dry seaweed
White rice
2 slices of avocado
1 slice of cucumber
1 crab stick
1. Place sheet of dry seaweed onto a bamboo sushi mat
2. Spread white rice onto the sheet of dry seaweed
3. Turn the sheet over so that the dry seaweed is on top and the rice is on the bottom
3. Place avocado in on top and in the center of the dry seaweed
4. Rip crab stick down the center to create two pieces, and place both halves beside the avocado
5. Place the slice of cucumber beside the avocado and crab sticks
6. With the bamboo mat, roll up to the middle. Then use the right hand to hold down the roll, and use the left hand to complete the roll (remember to keep it tight)
7. Unroll the bamboo mat
8. Cut the roll into 8 pieces of sushi