FAU to offer free self-defense lessons in Rec Center

Zack Duarte

The Department of Campus Recreation will host a free self-defense seminar beginning Sept.8 at the gym on the Boca Campus.

The class is designed to promote heightened self-awareness and teach beginner self-defense techniques.

“The class will teach you to be aware of your surroundings and how to handle different situations as they arise,” said fitness center instructor, Chad Dolan. “At the Department of Campus Recreation we focus on not only making people feel better about themselves, but also about helping people become well rounded while they are here in college.”

The instructional program will start on Tuesday Sept. 6 at 5:00 p.m and run about 90 minutes.

The classes are free and if students are interested in learning more about self-defense mechanisms, they can sign up for the 6-week courses that are at a reduced price of $60 for students. In the 6-week course students are trained self-defense principles of Kenpo Karate.

“Students should attend to learn defense techniques that may lead to you saving yourself or the life of a loved one,” said Dolan. “Most importantly students should attend because it is critical for us all to be able to defend ourselves. There are some crazy people out there.”

Dolan also noted that the class is for both men and women.

Space for the class is limited. In order for students to guarantee a spot in the class they can sign up in the membership office which is located in the front of the gym on the Boca campus.

If students are unable to attend the class session on Sept. 6 the Department of Campus Recreation has also made the class available on Thursday Sept. 8 and Friday Oct. 21.

“If students are able to go to even one class they will double their reaction time when trying to defend themselves or other people,” said Dolan. “You don’t have to be stronger than someone to defend yourself against them if you can react faster than they attack you.”