FAU GOP and Dems argue

Regina Kaza

The president of FAU’s College Democrats (FAUCD) didn’t feel invited to FAU College Republicans’ (FAUCR) 9/11 event.

The FAUCR organized 9/11 Never Forget, an event in which 2,977 flags were put up to represent lives lost in the terrorist attacks.

FAUCD President Boris Bastidas said the FAUCR made no outreach to the Democrats on this event, while FAUCR president Ashley Anastasi said that everyone was invited.

“An event was suggested in an email [to the FAUCR] to have both Republicans and Democrats to do something together on Glades road. Then I received a Facebook invite to the event they were having,” said Bastidas.

“We invited everyone on Facebook. We didn’t call anyone specifically,” said president of FAUCR, Ashley Anastasi.

“I never received a single email, Facebook message or phone call from the president of Republicans.” said Bastidas. “A Facebook invite is not a personal outreach.”

“He could have asked to help out, but he didn’t stop by,” said Anastasi.

Bastidas said he didn’t want the FAUCD to create a 9/11 event because he felt it would seem like it was competing with the FAUCR.

“Personally, I didn’t feel invited and that they didn’t want to have us there. It would be like me asking to come to your birthday party when I wasn’t invited.” said Bastidas.

He said he did not go to the event because he had homework. “Just because I didn’t go doesn’t mean I don’t care about 9/11.”