Summer Lovin’

Last summer, we stayed indoors and drank and featured the best-kept secrets in local nightlife, from hookah bars to homemade burgers.

This year, we decided to help out guys who usually fail at impressing us on first dates. But awkward daters of either gender can use our tips to get sweaty this summer.

We hope you impress the one you’re crushing on and enjoy what South Florida has to offer other than the movies and dinner.

Here are a few of the “dos” and “don’ts” of summer love

Do bring blankets to the beach. You wouldn’t like a sandy surprise.

Do keep in touch with your summer love. Remember, winter is right around the corner.

Do be in lust. Try not to fall in love.

Do get free condoms at the Student Health Clinic. They’re FREE!*

Don’t sex text. Your random ramblings may end up on

Don’t forget to shave. Most of the time, Sasquatch means no entrance.

Don’t keep condoms in your car. Heat may cause bad breakage.

Don’t date within your circle of friends. Try to meet new people.

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