Syke is on all major streaming services. Photo by Alex Rodriguez

Who is Syke?

February 25, 2019

Nathan Labossiere is an FAU student who doubles as a rap artist — and he’s released ten professionally produced songs within the last seven months.

Sophomore English major Rihanna Davis holds up the man's sign that she stole and ripped in half. Photo by  Sophie Siegel

Students protest anti-gay preacher on campus

January 15, 2019

About fifty students gathered around the unnamed man near the end of the Breezeway to speak their minds.

According to Dean of Students Larry Faerman, the 15 minute rule does not exist at FAU. Photo courtesy of Max Pixel

Can you leave class after 15 minutes if the teacher is late? FAU students and faculty weigh in

November 21, 2018

The 15 minute rule is not a real policy at FAU — but many people around the university think it should be.