The founding members of Pi Kappa Phi’s Kappa Delta 
chapter at their chartering event in April. Photo by Max Jackson.

New Greeks on the block

September 27, 2015

Built on the concept of a “Nu Phi,” meaning “non-fraternity,” today’s Pi Kappa Phi brothers continue to embrace this philosophy.

Mohammed F. Emran | Contributing Photographer

Lights, Glitter, and Drag, Oh My!

September 22, 2015

Glittery, bright and dramatic are three words Emily Cohen, a Florida Atlantic University LGBTQA specialist used to describe the school’s upcoming drag show. LGBTQA Resource Center’s fifth-annual Drag Show is on Sept. 25 in the Boca Raton campus’ Carole and Barry Kaye Auditorium.

Jaelyn Benson running in the housing lawn with a flag during Pride Fest Mohammed F Emran | Staff Photographer

Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage nationwide

June 26, 2015

fter years of fighting for equality, the lesbian and gay community claims a historical win as the Supreme Court lifts bans on same-sex marriage nationwide. In a 5-4 decision ...

FAU students celebrated a “New Year, New Perspective” at gender-bending masquerade ball Friday night

Tracy Abel and Jamie Vaughn

February 2, 2014

FAU’s LAMBDA United and LGBTQ Resource Center hosted a masquerade ball Friday night to give students a chance to celebrate diversity and defy gender roles, encouraging students to be whomever they wanted -- judgement free -- for a night. [divider type="thin"] All judgment was tossed aside as Florida Atlantic University students of all orientation...