Main act fails to show at FAU’s comedy show, back up comedians save the night


Mark Curry replaced the no show Tim Meadows. [Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor]

[Sammy Peirce | Contributing Photographer]

The students at FAU’s first comedy show of the semester were in for a shock when the headline act didn’t show up. But the show still went on — and left the crowd roaring with laughter.

The Aug. 23 comedy show — originally starring “Mean Girls” actor Tim Meadows — had a last-minute change when comedian Mark Curry had to take Meadow’s place due to unexplained circumstances. The show, put together by Comedy Central and hosted by the FAU’s Program Board, showcased multiple comedic talents such as actor from TBS’s “Deal with It” Theo Von and comedian Lil Rel.

The comics discussed topics close to students’ hearts, including money, budgets, and airlines. Many of the students agreed with the comics as the audience was laughing uncontrollably. Curry hosted an impromptu discussion board of what things he would do if he was elected president, like legalize marijuana and gay marriage and make taxes easier to complete.

Many students called out topics for Curry to talk about, like student loans and tuition prices, which he discussed and joked about. Despite the Meadows last-minute cancellation, many of the students had positive reviews of the event.

Auditorium was packed with FAU students. [Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor]
Auditorium was packed with FAU students. [Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor]

“I enjoyed the show and I think that it is a great idea for FAU to put on comedy shows,” said theatre major Bobby Crawford.

Another student agreed, saying, “It was fun. I really liked Theo Von, and I liked that it wasn’t a vulgar show, like it has been in the past.”

Not everyone agreed, however. “The comedy show was fairly good. If I could find a word to describe it, it would be satirical,” said graphic design major Jose Deveaux. “The first two comedians kept their acts fairly short, strong and concise. The third one started off weak, then got gradually stronger, but became weaker towards the end.”

A student in the crowd during the show, tired of the night’s events, shouted, “What time is this over?”

For FAU’s first comedy show of the semester, it had a strong turn out almost a filling the Barry Kaye Auditorium and appears to be a strong predecessor for events to come.

FAU’s next comedy show hosts The Wayans Brothers, stars of the popular comedy “White Chicks,” on Oct. 30 at the Barry Kaye Auditorium.

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