Students show their knowledge about sex through bingo

Mailyn Abreu

Photo by Miranda Schumes.
Photo by Miranda Schumes

The Condom Olympics continued Feb. 11 as the five competing teams played six rounds of bingo. The topic of the game: sex.

The game began, around 6 p.m. and was coordinated by the Health and Wellness Center as a part of series of olympic-themed events for sexual awareness week. Five teams are competing in the in the Condom Olympics. Don’t Pho With Us (representing the Asian Student Union) and One Legend (representing Delta Sigma Theta), Pho You Up, The Golden Ones and The Untouchables (all student formed teams not representing any clubs or organizations).

Sexual Health Coordinator Courtney Weaver explained the rules of the game. Students received one bingo card with answers to the questions asked marked on the card.

All was quiet as Weaver started reading the questions aloud, but as more questions were called out, more students got excited and began shouting out the correct answers.

“It’s not the most effective way [to teach sexual education],” Weaver said. “But it is a more fun way to learn.”

Some of the questions asked during the game were “Who was Playboy’s first centerfold?” (Marilyn Monroe), “Approximately how long does a female orgasm last?” (Ten seconds) and “What is the correct term for oral sex of the anus?” (Anilingus).

If a student on a team won a round, their team earned points that will later determine the winning team at the end of the Condom Olympics.  Each winning student also got an umbrella as their prize.

Even though it was a small event, the students enjoyed themselves while learning about sex and sexual responsibility.

“I thought it was fun and I actually learned a lot,” senior social science major Al-Rashad Ali said. “It was an opportunity to get to bond with my team and we had a good time with the other teams.”

Don’t Pho With Us is leading the Condom Olympics after winning three rounds of bingo with 85 points and having the highest total score of 130 points. The questions asked during Condom Bingo served as practice for the teams as they will be competing in a Sex Ed Trivia challenge on Feb. 12.