Update on October 23rd Incident on FAU Boca Campus

Police Chief Charles Lowe gives the media an update on Wednesday night'​s alleged armed robbery. Photo by David Matthewman
Police Chief Charles Lowe gives the media an update on Wednesday night’​s alleged armed robbery. Photo by David Matthewman

FAU’s recent crime spree has students worried about their safety on campus, especially after the last alleged armed robbery on Wednesday night. Turns out it never even happened.

FAU student Vincent Philipps lied about the incident that occurred on Oct. 23. He claimed he had been approached by five black males in the parking lot adjacent to the Rec Center, where they forced him to drive to a bank and withdraw money and was later assaulted. He fabricated the incident to cover up for a real crime.

Earlier this evening, Philipps confessed that he had not been on campus. He was battered in Broward County while paying off a drug debt.

According to the press release, FAU PD will be working “with the State Attorney’s Office  regarding appropriate charges against Mr. Philipps.” FAU will also be sending the case through the Office of Student Affairs regarding academic disciplinary actions.

Police stated that this incident was unfortunate due to its close proximity to the Oct. 19 armed robbery in FAU’s Arts and Letters and that it raised “unnecessary concern.”

“FAU remains a safe campus,” Police Chief Charles Lowe said. “FAU PD is absolutely committed to doing the best work that we can to keep this campus safe. We want students to remember that safety is a community job, not just that of the police department. We want them to continue to remain vigilant because all though this incident didn’t occur, it does not mean that other incidents haven’t or can’t occur.”

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FAU Police Official Statement:

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