Top 15 dumbest crimes committed at FAU

Austen Erblat

15. [11-1035] Subject was stopped for driving a privately owned golf cart on campus overloaded with subjects and all subjects were drinking beer and going through the lots during tailgating activities. [10/15/11 Boca Campus, Football Arena]

14. [10-0872] Vehicle backed into right side of FAU Police patrol vehicle. [9/14/10 Boca Campus, Lot 6]

13. [10-0833] Possession of Marijuana less than 20 grams and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. During search of the suspect’s room 3 hunting knives and an airsoft rifle were discovered in his bedroom closet. [9/6/10 Boca Campus, IRT West]

12. [10-0297] Plastic bottle filled with tissue was used in marijuana smoking filtration. Item was confiscated for destruction. [3/17/11 Boca Campus, IRT]

11. [11-0494] FAU Resident Student- Student Referral to the Dean for indecent exposure/urinating in public and underage drinking. [4/30/11 Boca Campus, Lot 23]

10. [10-0006] Money missing from change jar ($2.00) [1/7/10 Boca Campus, Alumni Center]

9. [12-0095] FAU commuter student drove his vehicle through the breezeway and was found to be intoxicated. Both driver and passenger were under the legal age to consume alcohol. [1/26/13 Boca Campus, Breezeway]

8. [10-0422] Fireworks set off in HPT North room 436 (student lounge) caused the fire alarm to activate [04/17/10 Boca Campus, HPT]

7. [10-0064] Non-FAU student arrested for 5 counts of hit and run. [1/23/10 Boca Campus, Lot 60]

6. [11-0884] Report of man running with rifle into campus. [9/16/11 Boca Campus, Broward Ave.]

Top 5

5. [10-1259] FAU commuter student used his FAU email account to place online postings relative to a casting call he was holding for a short film project. Subject was requesting underaged teenage females to audition for the same. [11/24/10 Off Campus Locations]

4. [10-0624] Unintentional discharge of department-issued taser. [6/19/10 Jupiter Campus, Classroom]

3. [10-0216] Resident student hung his wet shirt on the fire sprinkler head in the common room causing it to spray water inside the room and surrounding areas. [02/23/10 Boca Campus, IRT East]

2. [10-0772] A male FAU student was alleged to be involved in transferring money to a female FAU student, in exchange for her to perform sexual favors for FAU baseball recruits. [8/23/10 Boca Campus]

1. [13-0346] A resident student protesting FAU policies intentionally stood near a vehicle that was leaving a parking space, which resulted in her being brushed by the right side mirror. [3/22/13 Jupiter Campus, Lot 70]

The Story Behind Crime #1

Britni Hiatt was protesting FAU’s retracted $6 million football stadium naming rights deal with a private prison company when she was bruised by the right side mirror of former university President Mary Jane Saunders’ silver Lexus sedan. Multiple witnesses and police officers confirmed Saunders fled the scene of the accident, but was never charged with “leaving the scene of an accident,” a third-degree misdemeanor that, if convicted, is punishable with:

  • A maximum sentence of five (5) years in prison,

  • Five years of probation, or

  • A fine up to $5,000.

Later, both Hiatt’s parents and FAU faculty demanded an apology from Saunders, while Saunders demanded an apology from Hiatt. Almost two months after the accident, Saunders stepped down as president and Hiatt accepted her admission to FAU’s graduate program in Women’s studies.

[To learn more about the accident, search “Saunders accident” on]