Meet the SG Candidates: Pedro Amirato and Patrick Callahan

Emily Bloch

Pedro Amirato. Photo by Ryan Murphy.
Pedro Amirato. Photo by Ryan Murphy.
Pedro Amirato and Patrick Callahan are walking oxymorons — shooting jokes back and forth, laid back and easy to talk to, but despite their quirky personalities, they are qualified, knowledgeable, and full of ideas.

Amirato and Callahan didn’t even know each other until a few months ago. They met through a mutual friend. “She knew we were both thinking about running for elected office and just put us together — it worked,” said Callahan. But, as they sit next to each other in Callahan’s IVA dorm, both clad in white T-shirts, it’s as if they’ve been working together for years.

The 21-year-olds are planning to take their experience in SG and on-campus organizations all the way to the executive branch. Amirato has been a member of the Senate for two years now, and was a member of the

Patrick Callahan. Photo by Ryan Murphy.
Patrick Callahan. Photo by Ryan Murphy.
House of Representatives before that. Callahan currently supervises the Department of Campus Recreation and was formerly a member of the House of Representatives.

The pair have more going for them than just SG experience. “I’m a great singer,” started Amirato with a wide toothy smile. “I sound like Fergie and Jesus. People don’t expect that.” The 21-year-old, who was referencing Step Brothers, let out a proud laugh. “Really, though, I used to sing at church. I played the keyboard and played drums.”

As for Callahan, “My main interest in life is just volleyball,” he said. “I’m pretty athletic overall, I love being outdoors.” Callahan is the founder and former president of FAU’s club volleyball team. He played all four years of high school and continues to play club beach volleyball.

The two are silly and comfortable, but when it comes to the issues, their serious sides never fail to come out.

“We want to try and lobby tuition from going up,” said Amirato on the duo’s platform. “Students should be aware of how high it is and why it’s alarming. What tuition is today is 50 percent higher than it was just five years ago.”

Growing up in Boca Raton, Amirato thinks the city could stand to build a better relationship with FAU.

“I want the community to be aware of our presence,” Amirato said. “I can tell that kids around here don’t look at FAU with the highest amount of prestige. We have these amazing programs. They legitimately don’t think FAU is one of the best options and I want to break that.”

The two IVA residents also want to make sure FAU dorms stay feasible for students. “We really do want to make sure that housing keeps their prices affordable,” he said. “We keep building these extravagant buildings that are as pricey as they can make them. I want to make sure that they build responsibly so people can actually afford to live in these residence halls.”

“I feel like IVA is nice enough. There’s no reason to go any nicer or charge any more than the premium that we’re paying in IVA.” Amirato and Callahan both live on the same floor of IVA — Callahan for the last two years, Amirato since the beginning of spring semester.

The duo don’t always agree with each other on the issues, but they consider it a strength. “We are very different, but we want to function as a team,” Amirato said. “We’re not 100 percent in agreement of things, but I like that. You get multiple sides of the picture with whatever the issue is.”

“We’re completely opposite, but that works to our benefit,” added Callahan.

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