Assault suspect shot by police on FAU campus was “suicidal”

Bryant Eng

The assault suspect shot on the roof of the Pace Americas building — located in the Innovation Centre Plaza on the Boca campus — on Friday, Feb. 8, has been identified as Nicholas Squire, according to the Sun Sentinel.

The Sentinel reported that Squire, age 22, “lunged at two Florida Atlantic University police officers with a knife because he wanted to commit ‘suicide by cop.’” FAU Police Officer Gary Grande shot Squire twice in defense.

‘Suicide by cop’ is a form of suicide that involves engaging in threatening behavior so that one can be killed by law enforcement, according to The Journal of Forensic Sciences.

The Palm Beach Post reported that Squire charged Grande and his partner with a “six-inch Gerber knife” and that “Squire told detectives that he was hoping the officer would shoot him in the head.”

Squire, who according to police is homeless, was discovered on the roof by an air conditioning repairman. The Sentinel reported that “the repairman told the building’s manager about the man he had found hanging out on the roof.” The building’s manager then contacted FAU Police.

According to The Post, “The property manager heard the shots and called police. She said the shooting happened about five minutes after the officers got up on the roof.”

Dana Chase, who manages the Pace Americas property, refused to comment on the shooting.

Work has since returned to normal at the Pace Americas building following Friday’s shooting and media frenzy.

Connie Gomez, a temp worker at Pace Americas from Lauderhill, described her co-workers’ reactions to the shooting. “From the neighborhood I come from, this was nothing,” Gomez said, “but everyone who lives in Boca, a nice area, they were pretty frightened.”

Squire, who has been charged with aggravated assault, is currently being treated at Delray Medical Center. His condition is unknown.