Is It Really Worth It?

February 9, 2009

Single, newly dating or in a relationship — whatever your status may be — Valentine's Day isn't fun for anyone. No matter how much Valentine's Day means to you while you are in college, once you are out of college and working in the real world the day may mean something different. V-Day can be the day that sparks the deciding question:...

February: The Obligation Month

February 6, 2009

Although February only has 28 days, this lucky month is chock-full of nifty holidays. We wait for a little rodent to pop out of the ground, have an excuse to eat extra chocolate, celebrate the birthdays of men we read about in history class, and sometimes get an extra day. We also get to spend the month remembering history and — let's face it &...

Making My Vote Count

February 6, 2009

As a young voter, I felt immense pressure from the media to follow a certain path during the primaries. I intended to cast my vote for Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries, however, pressure from the media made me unsure. I felt nudged toward Hillary Clinton since I am a woman. I felt that even though I agreed with Obama's policies and principles, I ...