Shortstop CJ Chatham (10) laughs as the sprinklers come on by accident during the sixth inning of FAU's 10-8 loss to the Florida Gators on Feb. 24, 2015. Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

Baseball: No. 19 Owls fall to No. 1 Florida Gators

March 23, 2016

Florida Atlantic junior second baseman Stephen Kerr led off the game in an ideal way against the consensus No. 1 ranked University of Florida Gators, taking the game’s second pitch over the left field wall for a lead-off home run.

Head coach Michael Curry shares his plan of attack to the FAU players during a
media timeout against Old Dominion on Jan. 28. Mohammed F Emran | Staff Photographer

Men’s Basketball: Revisiting the hiring of head coach Michael Curry

March 18, 2016

Michael Curry was appointed head coach of the Florida Atlantic men’s basketball team in April of 2014, but was he the right choice?

Illustration by Ivan Benavides

The presidential election is heating up and a vacation state could be the deciding factor

January 19, 2016

Florida is known for its sandy beaches, wild theme parks and bizarre crimes, yet its most significant contribution may be made in this year’s presidential elections.

Image courtesy of Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Intiative

Polls conducted by the FAU College of Business show Trump in the lead for Republican Primaries in Florida.

December 10, 2015

The majority of Florida Republicans like what the bombastic billionaire is boasting about on social media and through his campaign. Donald Trump is currently in the lead for Republican primaries in Florida, according to a survey made by FAU’s Business and Economics Polling Initiative. “People realize we need someone to sort out all the chaos our current president has created and hopefully reverse it,” Trevor Perry, Class of 2018 Business Economics major, said.“Trump is so Anti-Obama that people are clinging to his campaign tightly.”

Lightning Strikes above Innovation Village Apartment. Photo Illustration by Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

The Dangers of Lightning Over Campus

November 7, 2015

Florida Atlantic and University of Miami fans alike sat on the edge of their seats as UM led the football game on Sept. 11, when suddenly the sound of sirens from the lightning warning system went off. A collective sigh could be heard as the horns faded, and a delay was announced because of an oncoming å.

Illustration by Ivan Benavides | Creative Director

Campus Has Been Tobacco Free For 10 Months — Sort Of

November 3, 2015

A large navy blue banner hangs from the second floor of the Breezeway railing. “Tobacco Free University,” is written on it in bold letters. “No tobacco or e-cigarettes are allowed anywhere on campus.”

Photo by Wikipedia

Should the confederate flag be on public grounds? Students say no.

July 16, 2015

bout 2,000 vehicles adorned with confederate flags took part in a 17-mile Florida Southern Pride Ride in Ocala on July 12. Si...

Photo by Max Jackson | Photo Editor

UPDATE: Third Time’s A Charm? Second Attempt at Recreational Marijuana Bill Dies in House

May 30, 2015

Update 5/30 Revised recreational marijuana bill SB 1176, died in the Regulated Industries Committee on May 1, 2015. The bill was the second attempt by Miami-Dade Senator Dwight B...