VIDEO: Students give their take on new 24-hour library schedule

April 15, 2019

FAU’s Boca library is now open 24 hours a day for five days out of the week — and students seem to be taking advantage of it.

New Era barber shop. Photo courtesy of FAU

‘A true convenience’: FAU barber shop sponsors local charities, connects with FAU students

April 11, 2019

New Era barber shop offers services to students and jumped through hurdles to create a location on campus.

FAU's Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is filled with handmade feminist artwork. Photo by Hope Dean

FAU’s women, gender, and sexuality studies isn’t a waste of time for everyone

March 27, 2019

Students and faculty in the program say that they use the knowledge to get a job, understand their life experiences, and look at the world through different perspectives.

The Davie campus will host Roadmap to Success again next year, and hope to add more sessions to the event. Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Davie campus hosts first leadership conference

March 26, 2019

Students who attended the inaugural Roadmap to Success event learned about everything from managing money to looking professional during a dinner.

Dr. Jane Goodall –– courtesy of the Jane Goodall Institute website

Jane Goodall talks life experiences, environmental conservation at FAU

March 22, 2019

Walking on stage dressed in a periwinkle kimono, her silver hair tied back and stuffed monkey in arm, Dr. Jane Goodall was gr...

You can find the group handing out condoms on the breezeway. Picture left to right: Alex Bruens, Ally Walchak, Natasha Roberts, Photo by Alex Liscio

Meet the Planned Parenthood organization at FAU

March 22, 2019

Generation Action is trying to reduce the stigma around abortion.

FAU's American Medical Women's Association undergraduate chapter. Photo courtesy of Marcy Oberstreet

How two clubs are creating opportunities for female pre-health students

March 20, 2019

American Medical Women’s Association pushes for more women’s visibility in STEM through discussions, activities, and workshops.

Photo of Glitch Bar courtesy of their Facebook

Places to check out during the break

March 14, 2019

Spring break is the midpoint in the year when life starts to get hectic. Luckily, this works as a way to give all of us a break...

Photo of Downtown Delray courtesy of the Delray Beach website

FAU students shed light on some good restaurants to try over spring break

March 13, 2019

Are you looking to expand your palate over spring break by trying new foods in Boca? We’ve got you covered. The UP asked se...

Dr. Jennifer Bloom, the founder of appreciative advising. Photo courtesy of FAU

Appreciative advising: an alternative advising method at FAU

March 11, 2019

Its creators implemented this model at FAU and other colleges, and believe it will be beneficial for the success and wellbeing of FAU students.

Julia Cataldo started her company, Peppy Debs, inspired by her mom. Photo by Violet Castano

Making clothes their future: Running a business as a student

February 26, 2019

Two FAU students are taking their careers into their own hands by creating and designing clothing brands.

From left to right, Aradhana Rage, Sandi Kill and Sami-Jo Bones. Photo by Melanie Witherup.

Meet The Covenne

February 25, 2019

The group wears horror-based makeup on stage while screaming into a microphone