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Student Affairs Vice President Corey King gives his thoughts on diversity, why he chose higher education

February 7, 2018

King talks his goals for the campus body and the issues facing students today.

Students entering the Recreation Center now have less time to work out after the end of a pilot program that extended the gym's hours. Alexis Hayward | Contributing Photographer

University officials end extended hours pilot program at Campus Recreation building

October 12, 2016

University officials are now closing the Recreation and Fitness Center three hours earlier at night, ending a pilot program that let students work out as late as 1 a.m.

Administration Compensation: more student fees are paying for salaries

Administration Compensation: more student fees are paying for salaries

March 3, 2016

Eight years ago, America was in a recession. People were losing jobs left, right and center, but not at Florida Atlantic.

Student organizations to lose money next year

Student organizations to lose money next year

February 1, 2016

With fewer students planned to be enrolled next year, more student organizations need to cut their budgets. See what recommendations the University Budget Appropriations Committee made.

Students with FAU's NAACP held a protest on campus last November to support the students at Mizzou. Right now, there are limitations on campus as to where students can and can not protest. Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

NAACP stages march at FAU to support Mizzou

November 12, 2015

mass blur of black marched from the Boca campus Rec Center to the Free Speech Lawn this morning. It started with about 60 st...

Proposed changes to 20th street, which student government is campaigning to rename.  Photo courtesy of the School of Architecture.

Student Government sparks school spirit with new project

October 3, 2015

Student Government’s latest project is to try and transform Boca into more of a college town. The idea is to rename 20th Street, with the goal being to create a more college-friendly city, prospectively making FAU less of a commuter school. Student body president Kathryn Edmunds sent out a tweet on Sept. 28, asking for students to submit their suggestions for a new name of the street using the hashtag, “#Rename20th.”

Yik Yak threat student speaks on controversy

Yik Yak threat student speaks on controversy

September 11, 2015

The UP reached out to accused student Emeil Stewart regarding his situation Wednesday evening after police held a news conference and released the police report on the Yik Yak threat case.

FAU Police Chief Charles Lowe and Vice President of Student Affairs Corey King held a news conference Wednesday to reveal new facts of the Yik Yak threat case. Ryan Lynch | Sports Editor

Video: News conference gives new details on threats

September 10, 2015

hief of the Florida Atlantic University Police Department Charles Lowe and Vice President of Student Affairs Corey King held a new...

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Owl Eyes on SG: Broken statutes result in untracked bills

July 15, 2015

n June 26, the University Press reported that the current Speaker of the House Robert Marriaga was conducting an investigation regarding the “misplacement” of an unknown number of bills passed by the ...

Photo by Max Jackson | Photo Editor

“Tight budgets” means less jobs for student media outlets

May 11, 2015

or the rest of the fiscal year, FAU media outlets have been told by their advisors to limit paid staff to two or three person...

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Student Government wants to put Greek housing on lot five

April 27, 2015

The turtles and owls that you can find on the north side of the Boca campus may be getting some new neighbors — they are not going to be the quiet kind. The Boca Raton House of Representatives pas...

Corey King, the vice president of Student Affairs is the second to last person to sign off on the activity and service fee budget. Max Jackson | Photo Editor

Corey King named vice president of Student Affairs after interim term

February 23, 2015

orey King is the new vice president of Student Affairs, according to Florida Atlantic President John Kelly via email announcemen...