Kelsey Moghadaspour, a graduate teaching assistant (GTA), is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. If she received healthcare from FAU as a GTA, she wouldn't have to fly to Seattle for treatment. Photo by Simone Stewart

FAU’s College of Arts and Letters graduate teaching assistants among the lowest paid in Florida

December 1, 2019

Arts & Letters graduate teaching assistants at FAU are paid the lowest stipend in the state, and they want their healthcare covered. But all they have from FAU is a promise, and a Fall 2020 deadline.

Resident assistants (RAs) at FAU are paid for 20 hours per week, but say they work many more than that, and their stipend doesn't reflect that. Melvin O'Neal, who worked as an RA at Fairfield Inn, said it was

Resident assistants say they work more hours than they’re paid for

November 27, 2019

FAU’s resident assistants are some of the best-paid RAs compared to other Florida universities. But some RAs say their compensation — $13 per hour for 20 hours a week — doesn’t actually cover the total time they work.