The Silent, Deadly Assassin

Zack Duarte

August 30, 2011

Lightning illuminates the Saturday night sky and both dugouts are left watching as the clock resets to a thirty minute countdown for play to resume. The Owls will have to wait to put the finishing touches on their victory over UALR until Sunday, as play is suspended due to the passing storm. After throwing 121 pitches in almost seven innings of work,...

Owls’ Davis and Church selected in Day 2 of 2011 MLB Draft

Zack Duarte

August 7, 2011

Tuesday night marked Day 2 of the MLB Draft and FAU had two of its players selected by teams throughout the event. Starting pitcher Paul Davis was chosen by the San Francisco Giants in the 17th round and infielder Raymond Church was selected in the 26th round by the in-state Tampa Bay Rays. Davis, who had hopes of being selected in the first 15...