Release the power of the sun

Mailyn Abreu

October 3, 2011

Brett Waldman may be the first person ever to say he’s “going to graduate school through the power of the sun.” Waldman, a recipient for the Sun Fund Scholarship, was awarded a tuition waiver for the 2011-12 academic year and $6,000. Sponsored by FAU's School of Urban and Regional Planning in t...

Palmetto Park Road widening delayed

Palmetto Park Road is currently six lanes. Construction would make the road eight lanes. Photo by Christine Capozziello.

Allison Nielsen

October 3, 2011

Time is money, and for Boca, each second of commuting is worth $230,000. City and county officials disagree over widening Palmetto Park Road.  County officials say it will cost $7 million and save drivers 30 seconds —  or $230,000 per second saved. The widening would take place from I-95 to St. An...

SG to give away ‘We are FAU’ shirts

Jordan Robrish

October 2, 2011

Student government will be launching a new campaign aimed at promoting school pride. Named “Fowl OWL,” the campaign is in response to students wearing other college’s shirts on FAU campuses. “We’re sick of student’s wearing other schools T-shirts on this campus,” said SG President Ayde...

Pro-Israel student group accused of lobbying SG

Pro-Israel student group accused of lobbying SG

Regina Kaza

September 28, 2011

A pro-Israel club invited SG to a dinner, but a pro-Palestine club leader says it’s just a way to buy influence. Owls For Israel (OFI) hosted a dinner in the Student Union’s Grand Palm Room on Sept. 26th to introduce their organization and get student leaders involved, said OFI president Michael Miller. SG President Ayden Ma...

Donkeys in the room

House Speaker and College Democrats President Boris Bastidas stands outside the Majestic Palm Room on September 24, greeting people as they arrive. Photo by Christine Capozziello.

Dylan Bouscher

September 27, 2011

On Sat. Sept. 24, the FAU College Democrats (FAUCD) hosted guest speakers from all levels of American politics. State Senators David Aronberg and Kelly Skidmore were among those who spoke. Fundraising for the Florida College Democrats (FCD) was the focus of the meeting. According to FAUCD President Boris Bastid...

“I’m trying to creep tonight”

Resident assistants from the Jupiter campus  broke into GPT on Friday, Sept 9. After residents let them in, the RAs would hand them a notice telling them they just let a stranger into the dorm. Photo by  Charles Pratt.

Monica Ruiz

September 26, 2011

Nibal Eid was able to get past two sets of locked doors, up the elevator in Glades Park Tower (GPT) and follow residents all the way up to their rooms — more than once. He was able to find out which floors had the parties, which were for the guys and which floor had the  hot girls. But ...

Lighting up the night

FAU makes sure areas on campus remain well lit with their annual safety wall Photo by Charles Pratt.

Allison Nielsen

September 26, 2011

Nights at FAU are deserted, dark, and in some parts, downright scary. Streetlights are out, some walkways are hardly lit, and in other spots, huge bushes and overgrown trees block pathways. As the Director of Environmental Health and Safety, it’s Tom Bradley’s job to identify unsafe places at FAU ...

Bystanders helped injured cyclist on Glades Road

Allison Nielsen

September 23, 2011

Jasmine Floyd didn’t witness the accident that shut down westbound lanes of Glades Road for over an hour on Wednesday, but the 21 year-old history major found herself saving the life of a bicyclist who had been struck by a car. Read about the accident here She was leaving FAU from Broward Avenue to merge onto Glades Road around ...

Traditions, changes and more traditions

Regina Kaza

September 23, 2011

A new religious center and a program to help students conduct research may be coming to FAU, according to Boca Campus Governor Ryan Ebanks. On September 22, Ebanks gave the annual Boca Raton State of the Campus address at Traditions Plaza, in front of the campus book store. He touched on subjec...

Old-school printing

Jordan Robrish

September 22, 2011

FAU celebrated it’s second annual Letterpress Open House on Sept. 18. The event was hosted by the Arthur and Mata Jaffe Center for Book Arts in the Boca campus library. John Cutrone, director of the Arthur and Mata Jaffe Center for Book Arts, spent his time teaching those in attendance the pro...

Sexting, safety and subtlety

Dr. Hinduja shows off a consequence of posting information online. The slide in question was a result of a teacher uploading a power point of her sexual exploits with students, rating them on aggression, power, performance and the like. Photo by Allyn Farach.

Allyn Farach

September 21, 2011

Everyone gasped and murmured as the images flickered across the screen. It was a power point made by a teacher rating her students’ sexual prowess. Students streamed into the Kaye Auditorium on Sept. 19 for “Don’t Post Your Rep Away: Text, Sext and Internet Safety,” co-hosted by the Stud...

Clashing ideals

Graffiti artists set up a peaceful, pro-Israel display on the Free Speech Lawn. Photos by Christine Capozziello

Regina Kaza

September 20, 2011

On Sept. 14, two Pro-Israel student groups put on an event to promote peace in Israel, and the next day a Palestinian student group held a rally to bring awareness to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The events, put on at the free speech lawn, showed two different sides of the Israel-Palestine ...