BREAKING: Stolen papers. Again.

Mariam Aldhahi

January 25, 2012

If you’re wondering why there are empty UP bins all over campus, here’s a little update.On Monday, bins were emptied out and papers were stolen — today, it happened again. The police are investigating and we’re working together to stop whoever’s responsible. We’re going to distribute p...

FAU Student Government has a new Executive Cabinet position

Regina Kaza

January 24, 2012

Student Government thinks you don’t know enough about them. So they hired someone to fix that. Junior communications major, Aneal Ramkissoon is the first SG Executive Marketing Director at FAU. On Nov. 18, 2011, the senate passed a bill to add this position to the SG Executive Cabinet, and a...

FAU hosts workshop for new faculty

Dylan Bouscher

January 23, 2012

It turns out you really can teach an old professor new tricks. At a New Faculty Workshop on Jan. 17, professors who were new to FAU, and some to teaching, listened to three speakers with strategies for capturing students’ imagination and keeping their attention. The speakers polled, quizzed and ...

FAU wants more sports events and concerts in the campus stadium

The athletic department is requesting permission to host 26 events per year in its new stadium, up from the 15 they are currently allowed. So far, the department has one event booked for the spring. Photo courtesy of FAU Athletics.

Regina Kaza

January 17, 2012

After five home football games, and one event planned for spring (the Battle of Florida all-star game), FAU is not even close to reaching the limit of 15 events they can book per year for the new football stadium. But that’s not stopping them from asking for more. In 2009, FAU signed a Campus...

FAU Student Government petitions for optional meal plans

Lexi Rosario, Boca House representative

Dylan Bouscher

January 17, 2012

In 2006 FAU signed a 15-year contract with Chartwells that forced students to buy meal plans if they live on campus. Now, Student Government is asking residents to sign a petition that would make buying meal plans optional, and it could be a waste of time — but that’s not stopping them. Residents b...

Highest-paid professors of each Florida state university

Chris Persaud, Carolina Fernandez and Regina Kaza

January 15, 2012

One of them fixes kids’ broken hearts, one’s a millionaire skin doctor, and another teaches students about evil. What they have in common: they’re all college professors in Florida, and they all get bigger paychecks than the rest of their universities' faculty. They’ve gone through years of schooling to be the top paid at each ...

Communications school director announced: Noemi Marin

Gideon Grudo

December 19, 2011

Three months after the director of the School of Communications announced she’d step down, the interim dean has chosen her successor. The new director, now-associate professor Noemi Marin, has been with FAU since 1999 and has received various honors from the university. According to a press re...

FAU plans to build new housing and parking space by 2013

Regina Kaza

December 19, 2011

Since the freshman dorms can’t hold all the freshmen, and parking complaints are only growing, FAU has decided it’s time to solve these issues. At the Board of Trustees meeting on Dec. 14, the Financial Affairs Office and Department of Housing updated the BOT on their plans to build a new freshman dorm and park...

FAU proposes to raise housing prices

Dylan Bouscher

December 19, 2011

Starting next fall, some students could be paying over $300 more per semester to live on campus. The Department of Housing and Residential Life recommended a 5-6 percent increase in single room rates at the Board of Trustees meeting on Dec. 14, but no changes to the double room rates. Director...

A “juvenile” disagreement between the defense and state attorney in former FAU officer Jimmy Ho’s case

Monica Ruiz

December 12, 2011

Elizabeth Ramsey, the defense attorney for alleged escort-killer Jimmy Ho, was in court Dec. 12. She was there asking the judge to let the defense re-review evidence in the former FAU officer’s case — without the state prosecutors looking over her back. Ho was present in court today for the fir...

(UPDATE) FAU cancelled Boca Bowl a day after writing a ready-to-sign agreement

29,103 people attended FAU’s first home game on Oct. 15. By the fourth home game on Nov. 26, that number dropped to 12,044. East and West Boca Tackle parents and coaches have said they’ll no longer attend FAU home games after the university cancelled the leagues’ Nov. 12 season-ending game. Photo by Abhi Saini.

Chris Persaud

December 11, 2011

In the Nov. 29 UP cover story “Field of Crushed Dreams,” FAU Athletic Director Craig Angelos said “nothing was set in stone” with regards to the new football stadium hosting the Boca Bowl, a local youth football game, on Nov. 12. While nothing was written in stone, FAU emailed an agreemen...

Boca campus Student Union has new operating hours over winter break

Regina Kaza

December 10, 2011

The Student Union is closing earlier this winter break before, and after the holidays. The new schedule says the Boca campus Student Union will be open Dec. 12-16, from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. It will be closed to events during these days, meaning “the Event Planning Office does not schedule events f...