A classroom in the Culture and Society building.

Gallery: FAU during coronavirus

March 21, 2020

With hardly any students left at FAU, take a look at what some of the most-populated spots on campus look like now.

The Anti Defamation League ruled the OK hand gesture, which is used as a symbol of school pride at FAU, a

FAU school pride symbol ruled a ‘racist hand sign’ by anti-hate group

March 4, 2020

The OK symbol — called “Owl Fingers” by FAU — is now being used as a white power symbol by Richard Spencer and the Christchurch shooter. But experts say that the gesture is fine to use if it’s in a harmless context.

Cellular neuroscience major Breanna Jomsky. Jomsky recovered from an eating disorder around four years ago. Photo by Kristen Grau

‘Out of control:’ students share their struggles with eating disorders

March 1, 2020

As Eating Disorder Awareness Week comes to a close, here are two students’ stories with anorexia and binge eating disorder.

The five founders of the Black Undergraduate Theatre Collective. Photo courtesy of Corey Rose

New FAU theater organization aims to teach students about Black culture through plays, events

February 19, 2020

Beginning this Spring, The Black Undergraduate Theatre Collective will host plays and events to teach the FAU community about Black culture.

FreeQuency meeting students after her performance on the Live Oak Patio. The event was organized by FAU Multicultural programming. Photo by Eston Parker III.


February 12, 2020

Multicultural Programming hosted Tiny Desk MPR, an evening where students could listen to poetry and win giveaways on the Live Oak Patio, Feb. 2, from 6-9 p.m.

Rose de la Espriella, the graduate teaching assistant who died by suicide last year. Photos courtesy of Ricardo de la Espriella/Illustration by Alex Liscio

Serving, transitioning, living: the struggles of Rose de la Espriella

February 5, 2020

Rose de la Espriella served six years in the Air Force. The FAU graduate teaching assistant was also a trans woman who died by suicide on campus in November.

Magic Kingdom at Disney World. Photo courtesy of Madalynn Ralston.

Not everything is so magical in the Disney College Program

February 1, 2020

A student said the Disney College Program is supposed to enrich you in a culture and work experience, but being yelled at and called a racist by guests was not what she expected.

Spanish River Beach. Take some time to unwind at one of the nearby beaches this winter break. Photo by Alexander Rodriguez

5 things to do in Boca during winter break

December 20, 2019

Winter break is here, which is a great excuse to unwind. If you’re on campus for the break, there are plenty of things to do if you want to take a mental health day.


FAU introduces second mascot

December 13, 2019

From now on, Owlsley will have some company on the football field: a smaller owl mascot named Hoot.

Kelsey Moghadaspour, a graduate teaching assistant (GTA), is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. If she received healthcare from FAU as a GTA, she wouldn't have to fly to Seattle for treatment. Photo by Simone Stewart

FAU’s College of Arts and Letters graduate teaching assistants among the lowest paid in Florida

December 1, 2019

Arts & Letters graduate teaching assistants at FAU are paid the lowest stipend in the state, and they want their healthcare covered. But all they have from FAU is a promise, and a Fall 2020 deadline.

Resident assistants (RAs) at FAU are paid for 20 hours per week, but say they work many more than that, and their stipend doesn't reflect that. Melvin O'Neal, who worked as an RA at Fairfield Inn, said it was

Resident assistants say they work more hours than they’re paid for

November 27, 2019

FAU’s resident assistants are some of the best-paid RAs compared to other Florida universities. But some RAs say their compensation — $13 per hour for 20 hours a week — doesn’t actually cover the total time they work.

Redshirt Sophomore
safety Ahman Ross.
Photo by Alex Liscio.

Student-athletes say profiting from their name and image is ‘overdue’

November 22, 2019

One of the more debated topics in the world of collegiate athletics is if student-athletes should be able to profit off of their ...