Creative Juices: Sweet Dreams

Lynn Jonason, Junior English major

November 1, 2016

The quiet mewing startled her as she walked down the street on a dreary October morning. She looked up and down, trying to spot the source of the sound, even though her mother motioned for her to hurry along. But the little girl wouldn’t budge. She knew something needed her help. Her mother yanked her arm. “Come, Megan.” “No, Momma,” M...

Creative Juices: After Some Time

Angie Jimenez, English & French double major

May 3, 2016

This is the winner of the second spring contest from Voices From The 3rd Floor, FAU’s English major blog. Visit its website to see the runners-up. Where the sunrise tethers ripening, one-hundred And ninety-seven miles out of Bishop City, He unloaded his most beloved, set fire to the ground And began to burn One by one, one by one. On this pe...

Creative Juices: Romance vs. Objectification

Charlie Avinash Nicholas, Senior communication major

April 18, 2016

When did love convert to selfishness? Why are you the subject of their objectification, constantly unclothed by ever starving animalistic urges, the prisoner of madmen? The cowards are blind to Truth's light. You are royalty. You define beauty. Your attractive appearance is a reflection of what blossoms within. You are a precious soul who ignite...

Creative Juices: The Bride

Rafael Baez, Senior Multimedia major

April 17, 2016

The gods have seen fit to fill with torment a heart already filled with great sorrow. Your heart beats still, living in the moment, it waits for a bittersweet tomorrow. My tears fall freely, fully flowing, for you have not stayed your hand this fall day. Yet I can’t blame you for never knowing that wonderful love was headed your way. I...

Creative Juice: My Addiction

Lynn Jonason, Junior English major

April 5, 2016

A cigarette dangles from my lips as I watch you from the front seat of my car, the cherry falling to the rug littered with fast food containers. I quickly crush it with my foot. I didn’t need another incident because of my carelessness. I look back up and you’re nowhere in sight. Shit. I knew I never should have taken my eyes off you. The smoke ...

Creative Juices: The Ear Game

Cody Williams, Psychology major

March 22, 2016

Heat poured through my window and onto my muddy face, forcing me to wake up like it knew that torrential darkness had been roaming throughout the house. I had been dreaming. I was in a vineyard, where a tall and graceful man with a skinny, straw-like neck and a woman in a plastered, prune-colored dress were sitting on a pile of grapes which rose and...

Creative Juices: Untitled


March 11, 2016

She is beautiful in every little way He looks at her like she is the bright of day Alone I stand watching and wanting everything she has. Is that so wrong? For she is the girl who has his heart This has been the case from the start I hate that I want him so Because all this time I know That when he lies in bed with me His mind wanders...

Creative Juices: Day 1

Miller Lepree

March 3, 2016

The shrieking of my alarm clock is a dreadful reminder that I have to wake up today. I roll to my left and see my relatively unattractive wife staring back at me. I kiss her on the forehead because my breath smells bad; so does hers. About 90 seconds later, once I have come to grips with the fact that it’s time to start my day, I put my legs on...

Creative Juices: A Startling Spice Bomb

Charlie Avinash Nicholas, Senior communication major

February 2, 2016

Wasabi is sneaky. Wasabi is a prankster amongst food. To those in the beginner stages, Wasabi is a leader, a guide who will lead one into a false sense of security as it trickle some spice onto an individual's senses, making it seem that its power may have gotten wimpy. A few moments will proceed to pass before Wasabi makes its ultimate effect known....

Creative Juices: The Secret Garden

Kaytelyn Wetmore, Junior marine biology major and Japanese minor

February 2, 2016

The entrance gate beckons For more to come and see its beauty That waits on its other side Fully blooming blossoms And calming scenery With trails leading astray Roses dance gracefully to the side While peonies play for your attention The hydrangeas hide in beds above Orchids stretch up to the sky And tropical flowers bask in the sun Within...