Books, food, and housing threefold: ways of getting by, either on campus or off

Stacey Pasternak

August 20, 2013

FAU is still considered a commuter school, but many FAU freshmen are making the Boca campus their new home this fall. There are many things to consider before you make the choice of being an on-campus student or a commuter, like the cost of living and school supplies. Freshman and on-campus resident Patrick Dumon sees campus living not as a money...

“Come Fly With Us” – Owls Athletics Preview

Mohamed Abdihakim

August 20, 2013

FAU athletics is entering a new era. Owls football, fledgling for years in the Sun Belt Conference, moves on to more fierce competition in Conference USA. FAU’s baseball team had its best season in 2013 and will also face new hurdles in C-USA. The Owls’ basketball programs, both men’s and women’s, are not only staring at tougher schedules but they’...

FAU administrators are dropping like flies, instantly re-spawning

Dylan Bouscher and Cealia Brannan

August 6, 2013

In the last two months, FAU’s President and Provost stepped down, while two more Associate Provosts and a Vice President left for similar jobs at other universities. Monica Orozco and Janet Cramer, who oversaw the Center for eLearning and Instruction and Assessment, took new Provost positions at universities in New Mexico and Colorado respectively...

Commentary: One hour at FAU Davie campus’ weekly Bootcamp

Mohamed Abdihakim

August 2, 2013

The assignment is straightforward enough: get through an hour of exercise bootcamp, survive, and write about it. FAU’s Student Wellness Center, where the class takes place every Tuesday from now until the end of the summer semester, is located on the Davie Campus, not 15 minutes away from where I live. Again, simple. Being that I am an FAU student, there is n...

Commentary: Less Than Jake adds to Student Government’s Mike Burdman’s brilliant master-plan.

Emily Bloch

August 2, 2013

As Student Involvement and Leadership Coordinator Mike Burdman sits in his office, papers and pens lay scattered across his desk. To most people, this probably seems normal. But to me, those papers and pens should be replaced with a bunsen burner and some test tubes. And a lab coat should definitely go over his signature navy blue FAU-embroidered polo. On May 13, FAU’s ...

FAU baseball aims to repeat its success after losing players and changing conferences

Mohamed Abdihakim

July 31, 2013

A first ever Sun Belt Tournament title, a top 25 national ranking, and a near berth into the NCAA Super Regionals. Those were just a few of the accomplishments that highlighted FAU baseball’s 2013 campaign, which was among the best in school history. A cast of experienced upperclassmen helped lead the club to a 42 win season. Outfielders Nathan Pittman and Corey Keller, and first baseman Mark Nelso...

FAU grad creates campaign to name FAU Stadium’s field after Howard Schnellenberger

Zack Kelberman and Cealia Brannan

July 31, 2013

Eric Salzman sipped water instead of coffee at Starbucks, as he openly shared the latest news about his campaign –– a campaign to name FAU Stadium’s field after the man who built the Owls football program, Howard Schnellenberger. Former Head Coach Schnellenberger spent 11 years pioneering FAU’s football program, all the while raising fun...

FAU’s “Jesus Stomp” Professor Deandre Poole Reinstated

Austen Erblat

July 31, 2013

Over three months ago FAU Communications professor, Deandre Poole, was threatened by student Ryan Rotela, for what became known nationally as the “Jesus Stomping” exercise. Now, Rotela wants to sit with Poole over Starbucks. But since the controversial exercise made national headlines, Poole was placed on administrative leave for safety reasons,...


July 1, 2013

Review: A Late Quartet, now playing in FAU Living Room Theater

Fayez Kloub

November 17, 2012

Sometimes, even the simplest things can determine whether bonds are unbreakable or can be torn apart in a matter of seconds. This is director Yaron Zilberman’s main focus in the film A Late Quartet, now playing at FAU's Living Room Theater. It shows what happens when a quartet’s three band mates cause a heated rift between themselves. T...

FAU’s 24-Hour Tailgate

Bryant Eng

November 17, 2012

[tn3 origin="album" ids="127"]     There was no shortage of loud music, good times or strong drinks at the Rat’s Mouth last Thursday and Friday. Outside FAU Football Stadium, Student Government held an event that may have started a new tradition, FAU’s first ever 24-Hour Tailgate. Nov. 15-16, the students supported the football te...

Commentary: FIU leaves for Conference USA but FAU still in position to be successful

Rolando Rosa

November 17, 2012

What a difference a year makes. Last year, FAU’s first in its new on-campus stadium, the Owls won a single game in coach Howard Schnellenberger’s final season. Meanwhile, FIU posted a winning record (8-5) for the second straight season, capped off with a trip to a bowl game. It was the Beef O’Brady Bowl (seriously, what’s next colleg...