FAU forward Javier Lacunza out for season with shoulder injury

Wesley Wright

February 11, 2014

A source within the FAU basketball program informed the UP that sophomore forward Javier Lacunza will miss the remainder of the season due to a shoulder injury. Lacunza tore his labrum — a ligament in his shoulder — about a month ago during the Jan. 11 win over Rice. After the coming surgery, Lacunza is expected to miss six months or more. He briefly attempted to pla...

Program Board Ice Skating Party: Photo Gallery

February 9, 2014

Even in 80 degree weather, students were able to enjoy a night of ice skating. On Feb. 7 in Live Oak, FAU's Program Board put on a free ice skating event that included live music and a bean bag game. Check out our photo gallery and look out for more info about upcoming events from the Program Board. Photos by Kiki Baxter [easingsliderlite]  

You can speak at open forums for FAU president, but the presidential search committee won’t hear you

Lulu Ramadan

January 14, 2014

The search committee responsible for recommending the next president of FAU was gracious enough to host open forums for students and faculty to ask the tough questions to candidates — not that the committee will hear any of it anyway. Three finalists — George LeMieux, John Kelly and Christopher Earley — were chosen on  Jan. 10 as finalists for...

9 headlines about Carl Pelini you haven’t seen, but should

UP Staff

January 8, 2014

Former football head coach Carl Pelini and his defensive coordinator Pete Rekstis resigned this past year after reports of marijuana and cocaine use surfaced, making FAU football coach-less mid-season. They did, however, leave us with jokes — so many jokes. Pelini has been the talk of the town since these recent controversial accusations surfaced, being r...

FAU’s Top five moments that made headlines

Kathryn Wohlpart

January 7, 2014

Florida Atlantic University had a rough start to its spring semester — school wasn’t even officially open for business when the first newsworthy moment graced the covers. With three incidents occurring before finals week, and another two during the fall, FAU only seemed to be furthering an already infamous reputation. Here are the top five stories...

Terrorist attack in Kenya hits home for FAU swimmer Talisa Lanoe

Miranda Schumes

October 10, 2013

Talisa Lanoe stands at the edge of the FAU pool as terrorists hold her aunt and cousin captive in the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Surrounded by 51 of her fellow FAU swimmers, Lanoe pulls her goggles over her cap as she talks with friend and teammate Kelsea Yarnell. She does not know. It’s Saturday, Sept. 21 and the swimmers are preparing t...

What’s up with Parking at FAU?

Kathryn Wohlpart and Olivia Sheets

October 9, 2013

FAU’s enrollment numbers have been swelling, adding on average 755 students a year to its roster, yet the number of parking spaces for students have not been sustained to keep up with the growing student body. With over 30,000 students and less than 9,000 student parking spaces, parking is “first come, first serve,” according to freshman Pre-Me...

An FAU Physics student tells you how you can travel to the future

Andrew Fraieli

October 7, 2013

Hello, I’m Dr. Fraieli and this week’s topic is visiting the future. Time travel is something everybody has dreamed about some time in their life, including myself of course, and I’m here to tell you how to do it. It’s actually very simple and there are two main ways of doing so. First you have to go fast, ridiculously fast. Take an average car tha...

FAU’s 2013 Biennial Faculty Art Exhibition features a wide range of artwork, mixing paintings with sculptures and sculptures with music

Sarah Pruzansky

October 2, 2013

Senior computer engineering major Jason Immerblum stares up at the black and white painting of a Hawaiian girl wearing a pink lei on the wall. His eyes soon trail from the painting to a red rope. The rope is coming out of the painted girl’s hand and turning into a three-dimensional red sculpture of a pig sitting in front of the painting. “E...

FAU starts looking for a new university president

Christopher Massana

October 1, 2013

The job isn’t posted online anywhere — there isn’t a final description of the work involved — there isn’t even a concrete timetable for when FAU wants the position filled, but a search committee is actively looking for the university’s seventh president. Last Wednesday, Sept. 25, a 15-member board met for the first time in the recruitme...

Books found by a man who has dedicated most of his life to finding them will be featured in FAU’s annual book exhibit

Stacey Pasternak

September 30, 2013

Books older than everyone in your family are on display in the Boca campus library right now. Tiny books that lost their covers after years of putting up a good fight lay alongside them. And one big red book, “Printing and the Mind of Man” sits proudly on the librarian’s desk. This year, the S.E. Wimberly Library welcomes a new book exhibit, ho...

FAU Police Chief and attorney speak about wrongful death lawsuit involving university

Dylan Bouscher

September 25, 2013

Jimmy Ho, a former FAU police officer, has been sitting in a Palm Beach County jail cell awaiting trial since he quit the force two years ago. Ho was arrested for allegedly murdering an escort in January 2011 and is still waiting for his trial to start. After Ho confessed to shooting 29-year-old Sheri Carter off-duty and off-campus, he tried to hang hi...