Students explain why they’re voting in the SG election this year

SG elections will take place on Feb. 22 through Owl Central.


The UP posted a poll on Instagram asking students whether or not they would be voting in the SG election. Here’s what they had to say:

Photo courtesy of Sanders

“As a graduating senior I have seen the efforts that SG has put into making FAU a better place for students over the last four years. Therefore, I intend to vote in the election to ensure that the position is filled with a team that is competent and who will work together with the university to advocate for student issues.”

Austin Sanders, history major


“I think it’s important to vote in this school election because it helps me know that I’m working to make the university a better experience for me and other students, and also sets good habits for the voting and election work outside of school. Voting for institutions you’re a part of is important to help change them for the better.”

Bethany Champlin, English and history major


Photo courtesy of Radcliffe

“I’m voting in this election because I believe firmly in the democratic process, and believe it is my responsibility as a student to ensure that I actively take part in picking who represents my interests as well as the best interests of the student body on campus. A liberal education is inherently Socratic, and the best way to demonstrate this is the way Student Government operates and represents students on campus.”

Aidan Radcliffe, psychology major

Photo courtesy of Kelly

“I’m going to be voting in the election so that the student body will be represented by people who truly care about the students and their job in SG.”

Katie Kelly, law and society major at the Honors College

Photo courtesy of Irwin

“I will be voting in the upcoming election because I want to take the opportunity I have to vote in someone who will listen to the voices of the students and won’t be afraid to make changes.”

Abbi Irwin, international business and French major

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