Becoming royalty: FAU’s 2012 Homecoming Court

Emily Bloch

The FAU Homecoming Registration packet is a hefty 10 pages. In it are the do’s and don’ts all court hopefuls need to abide by.

Every year, five men and five women take the challenge and duke it out in a fight to become the school’s homecoming king or queen. This year’s court was selected by a committee who held interviews Oct. 4. The committee was made up of one student from each campus, two alumni, two faculty members and two staff members, according to the registration packet.

From there, the court members campaign to get the big title of king/queen. The determining vote is split 60:40 — 60 percent is attributed to a student body online vote, the other 40 percent is via a second selection committee.

Upon claiming the title of homecoming king or queen, the winners receive some perks. Besides riding in the Homecoming Parade and getting some glory at the football game Oct. 27, the king and queen also receive $500 stipends and some serious street cred — being able to call themselves the homecoming king or queen of 2012 for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a look at your Official 2012 Homecoming Court:

Name: Alexander Smith
Grade: Senior
Major: Multimedia- Film video and new media Minor: Sociology
Hobbies: Self proclaimed sports and movie buff
Fun facts: Visited Tuscaloosa, Ala. with other members of FAU fraternity/sorority life to help with tornado relief.

Name: Bobby Peterson
Grade: Senior
Major: International business and hospitality management
Hobbies: Reading and programming
Fun facts: From Weston, Fla. and  was almost born on a plane.

Name: John Smith
Grade: Senior
Major: Public communication, Minor: Sociology
Hobbies: Sports, concerts, anything that involves being social.
Fun facts: Born and raised in New York, All-State football player, worked for the Boston Bruins

Name: Michael Chase
Grade: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice
Hobbies: Sports, gym, youth sports coach
Fun facts: Favorite place on Earth is Keystone Heights where he’s been a part of a camp for 11 years.

Name: Dean Hasan
Grade: Senior
Major: Neuroscience Minor: Hospitality management
Hobbies: beach, studying, working out, helping people, hanging out, getting involved
Fun facts: can break dance; has never grocery shopped before and doesn’t know how to do laundry

Name: Katie Smart
Grade: Senior  (graduating in December 2012)
Major: Exercise science and health promotions
Hobbies: Running 5k races, half marathons and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House.
Fun facts: Both mom and brother are FAU students

Name: Kristie Gusow
Grade: Junior
Major: Criminal justice/ Pre-law
Clubs: FAU Undergraduate Law Journal, American Criminal Justice Association
Hobbies: Jet skiing, golf, watching football and hanging out with friends.
Fun facts: Born and raised in Florida, her eyes change colors, first person in her family to go to college.

Name: Mia Hansen
Grade: Senior
Major: Elementary education
Hobbies: crafting, adventures, baking, attending FAU sporting events, and concerts
Fun facts: Never leaves home without her Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Name: Natalie Nowicki
Grade: Senior
Major: Biology
Hobbies: Crocheting hats and scarves for the homeless, painting, and collecting antiques
Fun facts: Has two box turtles as pets, one of which is 20+ years old. Her favorite sport is table tennis.

Name: Crystal Jozwicki
Grade: Senior
Major: Exercise science and health promotion
Hobbies: Loves sports, beach volleyball, football, and soccer. Teaches cycling and zumba at campus rec center
Fun facts: Has a passion for fishing, plans on running in a half marathon in spring, has dirtbiking on her bucket list.