Three males, including one FAU student, arrested for attempted burglary near FAU

Brandon Bruce. Photo courtesy of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Kim Chang and her 11-year-old son were alone in their house yesterday, July 31, when a man dressed in a black T-shirt and camouflage shorts knocked on her front door. She didn’t answer.

The suspect then made his way to the back of the house while Chang observed another man, dressed in a purple shirt and sporting dreadlocks, emerge from a silver Ford Taurus and walk up.

The two men reached the sliding glass door and locked eyes with Chang. Then they fled.

According to an arrest report, the two suspects (and a third suspect driving) were arrested and charged with burglary to an occupied dwelling. Chang’s house is down the street from FAU’s main campus in Boca, approximately two miles away.

The arrest happened across the street from FAU’s main entrance, at the intersection of 12th Avenue and Glades Road. Brandon Bruce, 20, who identified himself as an FAU student, allegedly drove the car. In the back sat the third suspect, an unidentified minor.

Darren Bortner. Photo courtesy of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Darren Bortner, 19, was riding shotgun when the group was arrested. But it wasn’t Bortner’s first time. In October 2011, Bortner was sentenced to two years probation for aggravated fleeing after he was pulled over.

In March of 2012, Bortner was arrested for possession of marijuana under 20 grams, possession of synthetic marijuana under 3 grams, and breaking probation — while still on probation from his first felony charge.

Bortner told police no property was stolen and that the trio didn’t enter any other houses nearby.

Bruce denied involvement and said his friends were looking for a girl named Joanne. None of the subjects could provide her address or information.

Chang said she didn’t know the suspects and planned to pursue charges.

The UP will continue to update this story as more develops.