Sudents appreciate tailgating on-campus

Sharlene Moulton

FAU’s first game in the new stadium brought thousands of Owl fans, young and old, to Boca campus on Saturday.

For the first time ever, students were able to tailgate on campus. Tailgating began promptly at noon and cars quickly began to pile into lots, while fans set up tents with barbecue grills, music and countless cases of beer.

Despite gray clouds hovering over the new stadium, hundreds of students with painted bodies, beads and “BEAT” T-shirts arrived eager to showcase their FAU pride.

It wasn’t long before students could be seen chugging beer on the sidewalk, as the streets filled with thousands of people making their way to the stadium.

The atmosphere created a boost of school pride amongst students, alumni, family and friends. The excitement about the first home game could be felt throughout campus.

“This is the best thing ever,” said senior political science major, Stratton Smiley. “It actually feels like a real college campus.”

FAU fans also said they were excited that driving to Ft. Lauderdale for games was now a thing of the past.

“It’s more surreal than anything, because driving to Ft. Lauderdale sucks,” said junior hospitality major Matt Montoya. “This has brought campus camaraderie to its finest.”

With just four home games left in the season, FAU students are looking forward to creating and continuing game day traditions.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this. It feels like Christmas,” said sophomore business major Jake Vaughn.