Occupy FAU says they’ll list demands

Regina Kaza

More chants, more signs, but this time it’s not a protest.

Occupy FAU will host a teach-in on Nov. 2 at the free speech lawn. It’s the next step in promoting their movement, according to senior economics major Gonzalo Vizcardo, an Occupy FAU organizer.

There will be free food and information about the Occupy movement – specifically what they officially want. “A specific list of demands would be developed at the teach-in. The same demands and issues in the Occupy movement are present at the Occupy FAU movement,” Vizcardo said.

Faculty will speak, and local bands will perform, but there is no specific line up of either. “We have a list of people who are willing to participate,” according to Vizcardo, “but there’s no exact line up. Anybody can come and be part of it. It’s not like we are presenting this. Anyone can speak and support.”

According to undecided freshman Marco Alletto, another organizer, there will be students chanting and holding signs – not to demonstrate, but to make people curious. “It’s not really a protest. It’s really a gathering. It’s about making people stop and stare and ask what’s going on.

If this seems disorganized, it’s because it is, but that’s the point according to FAU Faculty Union President and film professor Chris Robe. It would defeat the purpose otherwise. “It’s not like an organization. There’s no one in charge. So they’re not really creating an agenda, because that’s a more traditional way of organizing.”

In an email, Robe said, “Faculty is partially organizing to contribute, and the union plans on supporting the Occupy movement in general and the Florida-based ones in particular.”

As to what will actually go on at the event, Vizcardo said, “Everything is beyond our control. It involves the desire of the people that want to do it. This is an event for the 99%.”

The teach-in will start at 3 p.m. To learn more about Occupy FAU, visit their Facebook page.