Latin Comedy Night livens up campus life


All three comedians stand on stage while the crowd cheers to determine the winner. Photo by Christine Capozziello.

Monica Hernandez

Winner of the comedy show, Ramon Garcia, takes the stage on September 5, in Coyote Jack's. Photo by Christine Capozziello.

Those who attended the Latin Comedy Night on Wednesday at Coyote Jack’s know that humor was not enough for Ramon Garcia to win the best comedian prize. A close tie between two of the contestants took them to sudden death, requiring them to show their spicy dancing skills.

The Latin Comedy Night was one of the events celebrating Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month, and it was hosted by Alpha Psi Lambda Co-ed Latin Fraternity and co-sponsored by New Era Barbershop.

The microphone was open for anyone willing to tell jokes or simply express themselves. However, the only FAU student brave enough to go on stage was Ralph Laguerre, a theater major, who made people laugh with stories about his recent Bachata lessons and a visit to a Hispanic dance club. “People there are very serious about dancing. It’s like a workout,” he said while demonstrating how people were dancing in the club.

Then Aristotle Georgeson, a comedian from South Florida, went on stage and had his moment. Although the crowd did not demonstrate a lot of excitement, he took it in stride and was able to get some good laughs by recognizing the fact he was not getting an enthusiastic reaction. He said, “sometimes we please, but sometimes we f… up.”

The last performance was by Ramon Garcia, another South Florida comic, who has performed in colleges and comedy clubs around the U.S. He received a warm reaction from the crowd from the very beginning when he admitted he looks like a Mexican version of X-Men character Wolverine. “I’ll be in a new movie coming up called XX-Men (Dos Equis Men),” he joked. He also improvised super hero jokes using the Iron Man poster on the wall behind the stage and gave advice about sex and relationships.
“Women get really mad if we don’t reply a text message,” he said. “We may be just taking a crap or something.”

All three comedians stand on stage while the crowd cheers to determine the winner. Photo by Christine Capozziello.

The crowd was split between Ramon Garcia and Ralph Laguerre for the best of the night. But after a sudden death round mandated the comedians dance to Latin music, the crowd made its final choice, giving Garcia the victory.

The event did not have a very large crowd, but it received positive responses after the show.

“It is a great ending for the Hispanic Heritage Month,” said Marlon Bazil, one of the FAU students sitting at a table in front of the stage with a couple of friends.