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Administration answers freshmen sex questions

Briana Harris

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“Just remember, if the condom looks like a perfectly formed sombrero as it comes out of the wrapper…then it’s totally fiesta time!” said FAU administrator Courtney Weaver to a roomful of students.

On Friday evening, 62 curious freshman piled into Heritage Park Tower’s multi-purpose room for Sex in the Dark, a low-lit, informational sex forum set up by HPT Community Council. Courtney Weaver, Coordinator of Student Affairs at FAU’s Today and Beyond Wellness Center, came prepared with condoms, group activities and answers to sex-related questions.

The program opened with a game of charades, where students tried to guess what action was being performed. Most students had no idea what was being performed.

Then, students unscrambled signs listing necessary sexual precautions like knowing one’s partner’s sex history, using reliable condoms, using birth control and making sure both people are mentally ready.

Towards the end, Weaver took several anonymous questions from the students, including:

Anonymous 1: Do larger penis’ make for better sex?
Weaver: Studies say it’s more about the “motion of the ocean, instead of the size of the boat”.

Anonymous 2: Can swallowing semen get you pregnant?
Weaver: No those organs aren’t connected. Plus, your stomach acids would kill the semen.

Anonymous 3: Is sex on the beach a good idea?
Weaver: It’s ok, just be responsible and careful about trying to avoid sand coming in contact with the condom. Grains of sand could tear a condom.

Anonymous 4: How affective is the IUD (inner uterus device)?
Weaver: IUD’s are very effective in preventing pregnancies and can be inserted for up to a year at a time.

Anonymous 5: What is the “morning after pill”, and is it affective?
Weaver: This pill can be used to prevent pregnancy if taken up to 72 hours after having unprotected sex. The pill causes cervical liquids to thicken which causes slight shedding in the uterus lining so that sperm can’t move freely, possibly fertilizing an egg.

Weaver concluded by giving students sex facts and advice, including:

-Sperm travels out of the male’s body at approximately 25mph
-Female condoms are made of polyurethane instead of latex which helps prevent allergies.
-Condoms should never be used after the expiration date.
-Having an erection makes it easier to properly put on condoms.
-Female condoms can be inserted up to 8 hours prior to intercourse.
-Female condoms can be more pleasurable because they stimulate the head of the penis and the vagina’s clitoris.
-Always open condom wrappers with your hands, not your teeth, in order to prevent tearing.
-Only use water or silicon based lubricants when using condoms. Oil based lubricants deteriorate the latex.

HPT’s Community Council and students found Weaver’s presentation entertaining and informative. By the end of the event, students left with a greater understanding behind sex, and bags filled with condoms and glow sticks. Plus, Weaver left the building with a new nickname.

“Ms. Weaver did such a good job. Me and all my friends call her the Sex Goddess!” said one HPT resident.

To learn more about the Today and Beyond Wellness center, check out their web page.

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