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Scavenger hunt

The Boca campus is full of some strange stuff. So if you’ve got a bit of time to kill, here’s a little activity that will fill your break time with something interesting and educational. And it’s all right here on campus.

1. House?: On the first floor of Fleming Hall is a random house replica. It has no info about what the heck it is or what it’s doing on display in the common area.


2. Hangman: On the outskirts of campus near the Spanish River Boulevard entrance are the remains of “T-3.” The “T,” or Temporary, building was used as army barracks during WWII. It was newly renovated, only to be struck by lightning and burn down 10 days before its grand opening in May 2006. What’s left is a small brick structure, in the corner of the square foundation that has been spray-painted with stick-figure characters. The tree struck by lightning is still there, too.


3. Do Not Move: If people followed the directions on this sign, then this table will still be on the second floor of Fleming Hall next to the copy machine.


4. Gatorade: Near Fleming Hall and the Computer Center is a vending machine courtyard kiosk with unique food and drink options, like this Gatorade-only vending machine.


5. Rooftop garden: Just go and explore the new engineering building. It can provide an hour of fun with things like The Cube on the first floor that has a Wii and the dance floor on the second floor. While you’re there, be sure to check out the rooftop garden on the fourth floor.


6. Rocking nurses: In you need to get away and get “zen,” go to the Nursing Building’s patio garden. There you can sit in rocking chairs, wander the stone path labyrinth or go to the quiet, austere room created for meditation called the “Sacred Place.”


7. Art doodles: The Visual Arts Building is the main hangout of the artsy kids at FAU. The courtyard of the building showcases their creativity with the doodles and sketches that are all over the wall, floor and benches.


8. Nowhere stairs: On the lower floor of the Arts and Letters Building that connects to the Performing Arts Building, where the theater students have their lockers and dressing rooms, there is a case of stairs. But after only three steps, there’s a wall. I have no idea where they once lead or if they ever lead anywhere, but when I last visited there was a sticky note that said “NARNIA” on the wall.


9. Piano: In the Arts and Letters Building there are music practice rooms. Some are just small, empty and soundproofed, but some have pianos or drum sets in them. If you want to hear a free concert or see if you have any skills, go to the third floor. There is also an unmarked door next to the northeast stairwell that has a nice couch in it and it also leads to a lounge area, which overlooks the orchestra practice room.


10. Pringles: An all-Pringles vending machine. That’s all I have to say about that.


11. Vomit: On the second floor of the Breezeway in the Student Services hallway there’s a wall of health-related pamphlets. See if you can find the one with a kid vomiting after drinking too much.


12. Pacman: If your inner nerd is calling, get to the arcade room on the first floor of the Student Union. It has new gaming systems and classic arcade machines like Pac-Man.


13. Library bombardier: On the second floor of the library behind an almost impenetrable aluminum door is the Special Collections Department. Here is where you can ask to view rare and valuable documents and objects. Cool things to look at include first-edition prints of Beethoven symphonies, Civil War documents, and a WWII bombardier jacket on display in their lobby from the Harold L. Glasser Collection.

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