Funkiest class on campus


A recent concert at FAU featured Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” and a didgeridoo medley of songs from Super Mario Brothers.

The Commercial Music Ensemble, a class taught by Professor Alejandro Sanchez-Samper, played a seventies-themed concert in the University Theater on April 1. The beginning and advanced didgeridoo — a traditional aboriginal instrument — workshops, taught by Dr. James Cunningham, played the intermission.

“It’s the best decade,” Sanchez-Samper said when asked why he picked the seventies. “It’s got the best instrumentation, good horn parts, good string parts.”

Senior Reid Santiago, a student the Commercial Music Ensemble, said, “I like the groove, I like the vibe.”

Freshman music major Michael Lupo played with the advanced didgeridoo workshop at the intermission. His piece was a medley of songs from the Super Mario Brothers. He took the stage dressed as Mario.

“Plumbers’ hats are not easy to come by,” Lupo said of his hat, adding that it took him two months to make it.