Dude…I love you…



Valentine’s Day is a time for love, devotion, and professing feelings to one another; whether it is your significant other, your best friend, or that irresistible person that sits in front of you in class.

Here at the UP, if you are a guy, we say it’s okay to admit your undying love for your best friend. This is a special day to just stand up and say “Dude…I love you.”

To give you some encouragement, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the best bro-mance couples from the silver screen.



01 John / Jeremy – Wedding Crashers

This is the ultimate power bro-mance. Although they have completely different personalities, they somehow make it work. Jeremy – the fast talking city slicker, and John – the down-to-earth nice guy. Not only are they excellent wingmen, but they are a shinning example of what it means to be “bros.” How many of your friends would spend an entire weekend with an out-of-control family just so you can get a girl?


02 C3PO / R2D2 – Star Wars

They may be robots but they’ve stuck with each other through thick and thin for six movies. Whether it was being captured by Jawas on Tatooine, getting dismembered on Cloud City, or helping to fight against the Galactic Empire, these two droids always found a way to make their relationship work. And even though C3PO could be a little verbally abusive when upset, they could never stay mad at each other for long.


03 Timon / Pumbaa – The Lion King

Everyone loves a comic relief duo and none do it better than Timon and Pumbaa. Hakuna Matata is still one of the catchiest Disney songs ever written. To prove it, stand in the middle of the breezeway and yell “when he was a young warthog.” Guaranteed someone will finish that sentence.


04 Dale / Saul – Pineapple Express

A stoner and his drug dealer may sound like a friendship to last a life time, but this couple proved that a good bro-mance doesn’t always work from the start. Sometimes it takes a marijuana-induced paranoid night in the woods or a run from the law in a stolen cop car to realize what true friendship means.


05 Captain Kirk / Mr. Spock – Star Trek

It’s only logical that Kirk and Spock stand for one of the best bro-mances. Whether you are a fan of the original movies or the 2009 reboot, these space voyagers have an unspoken bond. Nothing proves their bond more than Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. A heartbreaking story that surely made even the most hardcore Trekkies tear up.


06 Bill / Ted – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The guys may not approve of their friendship being called a bro-mance, but there is no denying that that’s what it is. It takes a special kind of friend to travel through time with you just to pass a history test. And every Halloween we can all see Bill and Ted continue to save our future by ridiculing pop culture.


07 Sherlock / Watson – Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes and Watson represent the classic hero and his sidekick bro-mance. Holmes sometimes takes the spotlight away from Watson, but that never breaks them apart. As evident in the 2009 movie, Holmes was completely devastated when Watson temporarily left his side.


08 Butch / Sundance – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Not only did they seem to share the same woman, but they died together in a shoot out in Bolivia. Butch and Sundance stand as the only couple on the list to actually be a real world bro-mance.


09 Danny / Rusty – Ocean’s 11

Arguably one if the wittiest bro-mance couples on the list. Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan made robbing a casino seem easy, while at the same time, having the most subtle yet hilarious back-and-forth banter.


10 Britt / Kato – The Green Hornet

If you exclude the television series, Britt and Kato are the new kids on the block for cinematic bro-mances. However, they are a classic example of the ideal bro-mance. Bros meet, have a good time, fight, hate each other, resolve their differences, and then fight crime while wearing green.