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Letter to the Editor


Dear Fellow Owls,

It has been a sincere honor working with you as Florida Atlantic University’s 2009-2010 Student Government President. As President, I was many things to many people; a Board of Trustee Member, a Foundation Board Member, a Presidential Search Committee Member, and most importantly, a student. Though many presidents may have shared some of these same titles, I am most proud of my legacy of being a student advocate. No matter the issue, I am thankful for my God given courage to have always supported the interest of students.

One of the best lessons great leaders quickly realize is that you cannot be all things to all people. Chances are, if you are making everyone happy, you are probably doing something wrong. Knowing this, our Vice President, Collene O’Reilly, and I prioritized fiscally responsible projects this year which ensured both immediate and long-term benefits for students. Throughout our tenure, we have negotiated the shuttle bus on the Boca Raton Campus, successfully lobbied to negate the travel freeze, established a university wide student banner project, initiated the naming with Board of Trustee approval of “Diversity Way”, increased school spirit through SG tailgates and bonfires, supported Athletic programs, negotiated a substantial contribution to the stadium project, became instrumental in policy change (grade change process, anti-discrimination, textbook affordability), initiated transparency through creating the infrastructure to allow student leaders to post meeting minutes, increased SG visibility through a university-wide recyclable brochure, created new traditions like inviting past SG Presidents to attend a new annual “Owl Leaders” event during Homecoming, and negotiated for parking meters to be removed in specific locations. Connecting veterans with administration to improve student services and counseling for those who serve our country was our priority as well. Vice President O’Reilly and I also supported civic engagement, teaming up with Konbit Kreyol to organize Haiti relief projects, including the “Hoops for Haiti” event in February. Increasing school spirit in a visible way was one of our priorities as well. Working in committee with administration, we advocated the owl etchings in bus shelters, new blue and red “Welcome to FAU” banners, new signage, as well as “Go Owl” banners which will be installed on internal walkways on the campus. As Student Body President, my commitment to find FAU’s sixth President as a voting member on the Presidential Search Committee was paramount.

I have been known to be an outspoken, truthful, and at times, a stubborn leader. While some individuals may have struggled with my leadership style, most quickly realized that those very same characteristics were the catalyst for my success as President. With only one year in office, effective leaders realize that they must move quickly and diligently with narrowed focus. Truthfully, one year is just not enough time to see the fruits of your labor. A great leader works to the end, realizing that most people will never see your accomplishments for one, two, or even five years after. Some of these future projects that we have initiated include FAU banners on Glades Road, planning and funding for a new Student Union on the Boca Raton Campus, a Multi-purpose Recreation Complex, as well as visitor parking lots on the outskirts of campus to free up currently metered parking spaces for students.

Great leaders realize that planting seeds and laying a foundation for future students is equally as important as addressing issues of the present. I am proud to say that I have accomplished this; I have left this place better than I have found it. With the help of Vice President O’Reilly, students, staff, administration, and the Board of Trustees, we have left a footprint here at Florida Atlantic University that we can be most proud of.
I wholeheartedly thank you for your support throughout my tenure. I look forward to being an active alumni and a forever caretaker of my home at FAU.

Wishing you the best in your future endeavors…


Tiffany Weimar ‘08
Student Body President
University Trustee

[The UP did not edit the content of this letter.]

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