Students approve of gym expansion


On March 1, FAU Boca’s Recreation and Fitness Center opened its doors with the completion of an expansion. What was once a quaint little gym is now a 38,100-square-foot club-sized center.

“It was very uplifting to walk into a bigger gym,” said FAU student Javon Franklin.

The center’s major issue before was its lack of space. With the expansion, the bikes and treadmills now have their own 6,600-square-foot room. The weights have also been expanded to their own rooms, one with free weights and the other with machines. Yoga also has its own private room.

“Before, the televisions were distracting if you were lifting weights,” said Franklin. “Now, there are separate rooms dedicated to what you are there to do. No more distractions. It is easier to do what you have to do.”

Along with these improvements, an outdoor pool and extra space in the locker rooms were constructed. Students can now use this new pool without having to worry about being in the way of the training athletes. Like at most universities, FAU’s Recreation and Fitness Center is now a completely separate center from that of the athlete training facilities.

“Most schools have two different gyms, one for the athletes and one for the students,” said FAU student Christopher Cochran. “It’s like the Recreation Center went from a dinky college gym to a health club.”