Terminator blasts into theaters

Finally, what Terminator fans have been waiting for: a movie set post-Judgment Day.

The bombs have fallen, humans are being hunted and John Connor is leading a group of surviving humans known as the Resistance. After learning that SkyNet is hunting a civilian named Kyle Reese, Connor is in a race against time to find Reese before the future is lost forever.

Along the way, Connor comes across Marcus Wright, a convict who was executed and donated his body to science. After waking up 15 years after his execution, Wright finds the world he once knew in ruins.

Still confused about what has happened since his execution, Wright learns that Connor is able to help him find whoever has the answers he is looking for. Once he finds him, however, Conner and Wright receive quite a shock.

After finding out something troubling about Wright, Conner must decide whether or not to trust him, especially since Wright can gain access to SkyNet and find Reese.

This movie explodes onto the screen in true Terminator fashion. Action-filled fight sequences and fairly adequate special effects provide the audience with surprises they will cheer for.