FAU Myths Busted

On the first day of my freshman year, I heard a myth that I decided to follow without ever stopping to question it. Four years later (last week), I actually found out the truth.

 After waiting 10 minutes for my astronomy professor to show up for class, a guy turned and said, “You know, if a professor is 15 minutes late for class, you can leave and not get in trouble.”

Intrigued by this statement, I asked him why, and he said that it was simply an FAU policy, and “everyone knows about it.”

Thinking this kid just saved me from the dreaded embarrassment of being the only one in the room not to know something, I felt honored he shared this information. And five minutes later, when our professor didn’t show up, the two of us — along with half the class — got up and walked out.

Throughout my time at FAU, I’ve heard the 15-minutes-late myth at least a dozen times. When I was a junior, people started saying it was 10 minutes. I have left class at least half a dozen times due to late professors and have never seen any repercussions for my absences. One time, I stayed 20 minutes waiting for a professor, and when he showed up he gave extra credit to the 12 students left.

But oddly enough for me — and I’m normally quite the inquisitive person — I never asked about the “rule.”

Last week, as a group of the UP staffers were chatting in our newsroom, someone mentioned they waited 25 minutes for a professor to show up to class. As I shared my thoughts on the situation, I realized I never actually knew if the “policy” I’d been following even existed.

This led us to this issue, and we think there may be several myths at FAU that you need to know the truth behind.

From underground tunnels to the placement of your parking decal, there are plenty of things FAU doesn’t tell you at orientation. So, we did some digging and brought you what we feel are some of the most interesting — and misunderstood — myths at FAU.

And next time someone tells you something in class, question it. Or at least let us know, and we’ll find out for you.

By the way, there isn’t a pool on top of the gym or the administration building — just in case someone tried to pull that one on you.

Have a myth you’re curious about?

E-mail the UP at [email protected], and we’ll do our best to find out the truth for you.