Billy Idol, Rick Astley and Prom

Lambda United, the gay/straight alliance at FAU, held an ’80s-themed gay prom on March 13. Attendees wore costumes straight out of ’80s music and entertainment. The Sex Pistols sat next to members of “21 Jump Street” and Cher was hanging with C-3PO.

The design and theme of the prom came from Amy Milin, president of Lambda.
“The event would not have been possible with out the help of our secretary and vice president, Amanda and Julie,” Milin said.

Sammy Witness, a musician from Orlando, played a set of original songs about boyfriends who play their Xbox too much, as well as covers by The Cure and Pat Bennatar. Her feel-good music ended with an “Rick Roll” as her friends gathered on stage and helped get the room to sing “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

It was a night of karate kids and the Go-Go’s. More than 40 people attended, relaxing with bubbles, glow sticks and slinkies. But after the night was done, it was back to this century.