Video: Student Government Debate

“YOUR” Party Platform



“FRESH” Party Platform


All the following questions link to YouTube videos.

Panel Questions:

What qualifies you to sit on the Board of Trustees?

What qualifies you to manage the administrators above you and the students below you?


Candidate-to-Candidate Questions:

What leadership positions have “FRESH” Party candidates had that will prepare them to lead SG?

Why don’t students know who the current SG administration is?


Student Questions:

How will you manage being a Student Government leader and being a student?

How do you view the importance of a high GPA with your ability to serve the students?

How will you ensure that the university is environmentally responsible?

How will ensure that academic programs are budgeted correctly?

What experience makes you the best candidate for the job?

Where will the university get the funding to “go green”?

Why is the “YOUR” Party Web site similar to a previous party’s Web site?

As sophomores, are the “FRESH” Party candidates too inexperienced to lead SG?

Why should students trust you to accomplish certain tasks when you could’ve got the ball rolling now?


Footage courtesy of Owl TV