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FAU is Going Green

FAU recently hired the eco-friendly janitorial service, Dirt Pros EVS, in response to universal concern for the environment. This new company, who signed on to the university in July, promises to recycle and work fervently to further the university’s efforts to make the campus greener.

Dirt Pros calls itself a janitorial company concentrating on awareness of the environment, and as part of their plan are taking steps to gain a bigger effort from students to make the campus more eco-friendly.

Part of their endeavor includes using top-of-the-line, innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning products from Europe.

“They’re non-toxic products that won’t damage the environment and won’t affect your health. The products are scent-free and color free, so all the cleaning you might not notice because you don’t have that perfume smell from the products,” explains Rebeca De Ojeda, the Director of Marketing and Awareness at Dirt Pros EVS.

Prior to the collaboration with this new cleaning service there had been rumors circling the campus describing the previous janitorial company hired by the university as careless in regards to recycling. According to the Physical Plant, the department of the university that maintains the recycling programs for both the Boca Raton and Jupiter campuses, this rumor is false. Either way, Dirt Pros EVS promises to show students that recycling is being done properly.

So far, students whole-heartedly support the university’s change in companies.

“The majority of kids don’t even care about [recycling]. They don’t take the time to think that throwing their garbage into a regular trashcan is going to devastate something or potentially add to some sort of devastation. They don’t really consider it, so I think having a company helping with that is really good,” agrees Sashka Zungul, a junior pre-med major.

Dirt Pros is ready to prove to students that they are here to make a difference. Not only are they working to encourage recycling on campus, but they are also encouraging students to “bone up” on their environmental skills. The company, not just the janitors, is going to be on campus on Oct. 22 for sustainability day.

“This is a day to try and get people aware and to dedicate themselves to making the campus greener and making their day-to-day processes more sustainable,” describes Rebeca De Ojeda.

Most importantly, students are ready to learn how to better their environment.

“Recycling is probably one of the most important things in the world considering we’ve only had technology for 150 years and we’re already killing our planet,” says Robbie Stafford, a freshman exercise science major. “So what’s going to happen in another 150 years? We have to re-use all the energy we can.”

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